May 20, 2024
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On the way to the march

When I recorded two first episodes of Na Poddaszu (In the Attic) series with Artur Pawłowski, I didn’t expect that in some time I would travel with him in a devastated Volkswagen and talk for hours about spiritual revival, Poland and radical serving God.

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When I talked to my Christian friends about my dreams, their faces often shown astonishment. I even had an impression that many of them simply doubted my common sense. However, as I talk to Artur, it is me who makes “big eyes” and listens with innocent disbelief about upcoming “levy in mass.” It wasn’t different this time. Going from Warsaw to Poznan to prepare for the first March for Jesus in the city’s history, I listened to a story of a man who abandoned everything for God. He was a wealthy businessman, a developer and an owner of a magazine. He made business with politicians and mobsters in one of the richest cities of North America. Today he helps, loves and feeds people whom he once despised. And ministry he founded reaches with the power of the gospel to the homeless and most needy. He does it disregarding of the resistance of corrupted politicians and disdain of full time spiritual ministers of glass churches. He paid a great price for his beliefs and attachment to the basic Christian values such as: holiness, life and family. Hated by liberal media, repeatedly arrested, judged, considering no circumstances he still goes forward.

Staring at the road, Artur was convincing me that the time for revival in Poland has come. That we should forget about divisions and focus on the Kingdom of God. That Christianity is not about sitting in chairs. Our churches are full of theorists. We research the Bible in Greek, learn hebraisms, memorize dozens of scriptures, and still lack fruit. There is a simple recipe to end this torpor. It is faith working in love. Working means going out to a person. It is active, not egoistic. Motivated by love, it doesn’t seek its own, doesn’t take offence, neither causes divisions. During March for Jesus we can practice it. We don’t think about which denomination has the monopole for the truth but we march in unity for the glory of our God to let the world see that there are still people out there for whom He is the most important.

Our green Transporter slowly neared Poznan. There was a brainstorm and last preparations before the next day’s march. I was sitting fastened to a creaky seat and thought about the meaning of what we do. Again, I was overwhelmed with the conviction that the words of Jesus in which He calls us “the light of the world” reflect the sense of our mission the best. If the lightness yields, the darkness will take its place. That’s why we can’t hide and be quiet as a mouse in the church and allow our country to immerse in gloom. We have to go and shine, and March for Jesus creates a great opportunity for it.

Marcel Płoszczyński host of the TV Show “In the attic”

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Od lewej: Artur Pawłowski, Marcel Płoszczyński, Paweł Bukała, Marta Bukała, Iza Godlewska.

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March for Jesus in Poznan few days later.

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 TV Show “In the attic”


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