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McIver cut the ribbon

Monday, June 16, 2014

McIver cut the ribbon to start the annual march organized by Pawlowski, who claimed last year’s flood in southern Alberta was caused, in part, by God’s unhappiness over homosexuality. “He is weeping for the perversions of homosexuality,” Pawlowski wrote in his blog.————McIver responded to a social media storm with a statement Monday on Facebook that explained he was merely celebrating his Roman Catholic faith with other Christians.—-

Although I do believe in free speech there is no room in our democracy for hate speech or any sort of blathering about the religious right disdain for homosexuals.

I have never understood this crap.

Why is everyone so offended by the same sex love business?

I know most kids don’t give a darn and all the adults I know think it is the business of the private citizens and not of any group to decide what is acceptable sexual behavior among consenting ADULTS.

The fact is adults can and will do what they wish to do in the privacy of their homes and in this regard I do not think it is productive to urge them to change their “ways”. Why should they?

Ric McIver seems like a nice guy.

I don’t know why he would associate with any group with these sorts of inflammatory language which in my mind is hate language.

I think you can be a Roman Catholic without associating with such oddball groups and why any sane politician would go out of his way to promote his religion with groups who are looked at by most Albertans as folks with outdated views–well it is odd.

The only reason it would make sense for Mr. McIver to associate with a group of such disgusting chatter is because he actually believes this crap himself.

Does he believe this kind of rot?

If so he should not be in public office of any sort.

I don’t think we are being mean to Mr. McIver for saying that when he is in public office he must abide by the rules of conduct and association that are set out by the majority. The majority of Albertans are nice folks who are deeply concerned about the poor, the sick and the folks who are targets of hate for whatever reason. We are most especially concerned that our most vulnerable children and youth don’t become victims of targeted hate by groups such as the one Mr. McIver is buddy buddy with.

I think Mr. McIver would not personally spew out the vitriolic chatter of the group he is buddy buddy with but certainly I believe there is a credibility gap in his inclusion chatter when he says that he is merely expressing his Roman Catholic faith by marching with a group of people who apparently hate homosexuals to the point that they aren’t ashamed to print their words of hate for all to see. It is a shame that religious expression by Mr. McIver requires any sort of contact with such a poor group of people who seem to lack the generosity of spirit and love that would make Christ’s words true. Love each other. Hate is not part of the book of faith he gave to us.

There are better ways to celebrate your Roman Catholic faith Mr. McIver.

Work at the Bissell Center.

Donate to them so that they can help the homeless.

Help out at an extended care where the most vulnerable citizens are dying without company or love.

Be a message for the world in every act of kindness you do.

Write on a blog like I do and ask for the meaningful change that will alter the hearts and minds of Albertans so that the most disadvantaged among us rise up from their knees and join us at the table of plenty.

Be a warrior of god.

But do not pretend to us that you work for your god by joining other small minded insecure people in their witch hunt of the most marginalized citizens among us.

Never lie to us.

We are done with the lies.


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