April 20, 2024
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In the fight for democracy we are not alone.

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It is pretty clear that Pastor Pawlowski and others who aid the city’s poor are being targeted and marginalized by our governments. Just look at the crazy waste of money spent on re-routing roads around the Drop-in Shelter as a way to make the operation there difficult if not impossible.

Rather than launch these indirect attacks against the poor, the city would be far better off to direct the money spent on road demolition and construction and the administrative effort in designing punitive by-laws towards improved services for the city’s poorest citizens.

We are not all oil and gas executives driving our Porsches to and from Mount Royal. Calgary needs to accommodate all of its citizens; the rich and the poor. How we treat our weakest neighbours says far more about us than how we treat the rich, famous and successful. What dignity do we give to those who struggle today? What help do we off to those struggling to survive? Do we extend a hand of help to our brother to help him up, or do we kick him when he’s down?

I’ve seen Pastor Pawlowski’s street ministry in action. By feeding and speaking to hundreds of needy people every week this man is on the front-line of the struggle to make Calgary a better place. As in any war the front line is the grittiest, dirtiest and most nasty place you’d ever want to be. The soldiers who fight there to make the world a better place count on those behind them to support them with adequate supplies, moral support and certainly no ‘friendly fire’.

Unfortunately Pastor Pawlowski has been fighting a long battle with little or no home front support and the occasional shot from behind by a sniper who overlooks the front-line.



Most unfortunate the harassment that the Street Church has faced for trying to help the very people the City should be helping.

Sure, they are outspoken. That’s their freedom, right? If you don’t want to listen, don’t.

That is how the anti-Christian left respond to those who don’t like seeing the brutal violence and adulterous sex on the TV, so why can’t it work here? Oh, right: Christians are supposed to be silent and compliant in their own little houses of worship. Well, their Bible tells them to serve and speak out.

Sad to see how the City’s (province’s and country’s officials) want to govern everything and turn us into a pansy nanny-state.



Good for Pawlowski, he has my 100% support. The previous mayor, I believe, brought in a similar law that you had to have a permit to protest in front of City Hall. If I remember correctly he allegedly wanted to stop protests against the Premier of China who was visiting Calgary, or perhaps it goes back even further to the days of the Winter Olympics in Calgary (1988).

Anyway it is clearly a violation of Canada’ Charter of Rights and Freedoms. As for the noise there is already a noise bylaw. If only Pawlowski would take on the University of Calgary where student protestors were arrested last year. The University lost in court.

It seems as though the baby boomers fought for their rights but now they deny others’ rights and their talk of transparency in government means more secrecy. Governments violating human rights is probably the worst problem in the world today. In the last century they sterilized millions of mentally challenged people because science did not understand genetics correctly.

Now they do not understand climate correctly. There is always a need to protect the right to protest



The City and the police department should be sued for defamation of this man and a waste of tax dollars… Hopefully if there is a god he has already made plans for them at a later date…



Congratulations Art Pawlowski with the help of Provincial court Judge Allan Fradsham you cleared the way for other free speech challenges coming soon to a court near you. Buskers everywhere will thank you



Anyone who chooses to give of themselves in an unselfish manner to feed the hungry will forever have my undying admiration.

In your circle you are doing Gods work, in my circle you are doing a humanitarians work, either way you are fighting the good fight.


-This is what it means to live in a free country.



This wouldn’t even be an issue if this guy were promoting such topics as "global warming", "save the whales", etc. What irks people is that he’s preaching the gospel, that’s the real issue! Freedom of speech for everyone unless, of course, you’re quoting the Bible, then you’re considered intolerant.



Not reported in the CBC article is this….."In his ruling, Fradsham noted he is concerned by the actions of some city officials, saying their behaviours "fall precariously close to being excessive and . . . An abuse of power."

Yes, indeed. The City Bylaw people on many occasions do abuse their power. They are bordering on brownshirts. The entire legal and bylaw department at the City needs a good swift kick in the ass.

-More Christian leaders need to show 1/10th the courage this man has.

It’s time for Christians to stop apologizing or defending our right to publicly be Christians. We’re here, we preach, get over it.

-What I find interesting is the ME, ME, ME attitude from the majority of posters.

Try looking at it from this perspective, you actually have three choices;

1) Continue to complain about a man who stands as a single advocate for the homeless and hungry simply because in your minds he is annoying and you have a right to your peace.

2) Complain about the homeless and hungry living on your streets and the insecurity it instills in you.

3) Help the man help the homeless and hungry and watch both leave your neighborhood contented.

I don’t know about you but the last choice seems awfully close to a win,win, win, but than again it may be just too logical for the masses.



I’m glad he won. I don’t think it should be necessary to get a permit to speak in public, to FEED another human being in public, etc. This is a free country – far freer than most – and he is doing no harm. I’m not a religious person, but if he wants to spread the Word and all that he is free to do so. And he is doing a few good deeds as well. He is causing no demonstrable harm, and is in fact helping people. Why the heck not?

And remember, this story isn’t really about Pawlowski and his activities; it is about ALL of us, our freedom to do as we please in a free society. I hope he keeps beating those tickets because it means we are ALL freer.



And some people are offended by that and would like some peace and quiet”

You do not have the right not to be offended – nowhere in our constitution does it say this. We are talking about public property – if something offends you then you have the right to go somewhere else. If people are trespassing on your private property then that is an entirely different matter but that was never the case with Pawlowski.

I empathize with most of the people on this message board – the street preachers can get annoying, but that annoyance is the price of liberty.

I applaud this decision not because I necessarily agree with anything Pawlowski preaches, but because this is a victory for my own rights. I urge caution to those of you who would sell your rights in exchange for “peace and quite”…



I agree with the judge on this on. The city is like the big bully in the school field that want everything it’s own way. I find it hypocritical that the city would do crap like this to this preacher dude trying to bring a bit of cheer to the down and out and bronco and his minions try to shut down his rights by going through the courts but when it comes to the city following it’s own bylaws,well they fill the don’t have to.

Go ahead and waste more taxpayers dollars on the one person and hopefully the judge will say the same thing and kick the city and his lawyer out of the court. But it seems the city likes to bully the small folks. Would it not be funny if the small guys started suing bronco and the city for every trivial matter. E.g.; unshovelled city walks,accidents due to poor street cleaning,broken contracts,anything the city does wrong there should be a lawsuit,the maybe with a bit of humble pie these idiots in city hall will smarten up and do their real jobs and not pick on the down and out.

Just a thought as I am writing this. Is it me or does it seem like the politicians in this city and province like to pick on the down and out. Spineless politicians they are


The city has better things to do than appeal this preachers acquittal. I believe this has become a personal issue with the city of Calgary and silly hall. In fact I believe this whole issue irks the like of Bronco and othres at silly hall. Leave this preacher alone and spend our tax dollars on items concrete, like SNOW removal stremlining our roads. Another waste of time by the so called reps. At silly hall
Bylaw Bill says stand on one leg. Bylaw Bill says put both arms up. Stand on two legs……. This guy Pawlowski is out there doing good in Calgary, and you see the benefits of his mission work in getting drug dealers off the streets. The city needs to either go back and put bylaws in place that are so specific as to who can do what, when, where, and how. Obvliously the city does not have a great bylaw if it is being challenged. Cut your losses, or should we say our losses as city tax payers and go draft some new bylaws

"This guy Pawlowski is out there doing good in Calgary, and you see the benefits of his mission work in getting drug dealers off the streets." Sure he is.


In today’s Calgary Herald newspaper Provincial court Judge Allan Fradsham rules in favour of free speech.
Judge Fradsham sends a warning to municipal officials that they are precariously close to being excessive and . . . An abuse of power." Why does this not surprise me? Because it is happening right here in Nanaimo BC Canada with buskers, the only difference is the word preacher instead of busker.
Church preacher Art Pawlowski won his case in court on 7 charges of noise violations.
It all comes back to Federal law vs. Municipal law, todays court ruling will only help the buskers in Nanaimo BC Canada in their upcoming court case where the city of Nanaimo may have exeeded their legislative athority by placing a court injunction against a family of buskers for protesting a bylaw which appears to be unconstitutional.

It’s appalling how far municipalities will go to stop free speech or freedom of expression for their own gains (Elliminate street entertainers) with court injunctions. I want to congratulate preacher Art Pawlowski on his victory for free speech, He just made things so much easier for the upcoming court case in Nanaimo BC Canada.

I strongly believe that the courts must send a clear message to our municipal governments that taking away someone’s rights under the Canadian charter of rights and freedoms is not acceptable in todays society.
May I also suggest that the courts hit our municipal law makers hard in the pocket-book so they will think twice about an error in judgement when making decisions in the future relating to busking or any other issue that violates the Canadian charter of rights and freedoms. Here is the story in the Calgary Herald newspaper,


I heard of these folks as I believe the city has been persecuting them for a number of years now. I have never been involved with this ministry but their treatment at the hands of Calgary’s leftists does disturb me…..

I pray the folks at Street Church decide to fight back. I have my doubts a judge would award the city an injunction and I wouldn’t be surprised if the judge slaps the city down and awards Street Church damages as this is clearly bigotry being perpetrated by the Calgary City government and not legal.



At least this guy despite the noise dose actualy give food away tom the poor and homeless . He is only a thorn in the side of Calgary By law officers.

Nice going ticket a street preache who asks for nothing gives away food and is in trounble because of a bit of noise. Plenty of people with huge speakers blaring away in their cars on any street in the city or in coutless back yards. But not a cop or BY Law officer in sight unless a complaint lodged and then after a week or perhaps two someoone will actulay show up to tell you sorry no noise right now and nothing we can do .

What silly fools.



Equal rights not extra rights Exactly. Now let’s get rid of parking restricitions after all YOU bought near a popular location. Let’s enforce the peace and tranquility on Christmas Day, New Years, every day related to the Stampeders and Flames. We should also shutdown that nuisance Stampede. While we’re at it let’s be rid of subsidies for public transit. Buses and the LRT are noisey and expensive. I never use them and I am tired of paying for them. So, let’s all cheer EQUAL RIGHTS NOT EXTRA RIGHTS……….



Everyone should have the right to free speech. This is protected by the constitution, hence that’s why we live in a representative democracy.

Free speech is allowed though if it doesn’t mean breaking other laws while expressing your views or ideas.

City may be a little heavy handed with all the infractions, but they have a point. Don’t litter and shout in people’s faces. That’s not cool.

Preacher should have the right to preach in a public place. If the preaching is loud, too bad. If you live by a public place, expect to hear some noise during reasoable hours.



When Jesus preached he used loud speakers to get his message out. Are you people against Pawlowski’s use of a loud speaker saying you would have stopped Jesus as well? Freedom of speech and freedom of religion should never be subject to comprise. If Pawlowski’s followers are actually harassing people that is a different story. But noise isn’t harassment. If it was 95% of the things going in this city would be illegal.


All of the charges were a joke to start with, end of story. This city can’t catch real criminals and drug dealers but have tons of time to photo radar everyone and soon ticket the dreaded cell phone drivers…what a laugh!!


“I am glad he has freedom of speech, however, my freedom allows me to set up shop right beside him, with signs, and a louder megaphone, telling people how much of a moron he is.”

Exactly – those who would deprive Pawlowski of his freedom of speech would at the same time be depriving themselves of their freedom to publicly oppose his views. We are all standing on the same ground.

Then he wrote: “If it [a church] is private property, why don’t they pay property tax? If I’m subsidizing it, it’s partially owned by me.”

Now you are just being ridiculous. Legally it is private property and you have no stake in the church. If you have an issue with property tax codes then that is another matter entirely and you should take it up with your alderman. If he/she ignores you then utilize your right to free speech (which Pawlowksi has helped preserve) and take to the streets to garner support.


Wondering what "new" by-law city hall will come up with next??!!

Seems to me that he’s being targeted over his religion and most of you posting here are having a debate over his religion, what I think it comes down to is how many more "we don’t like you by-laws" city hall is going to try and place on ALL of us….can’t carry a sign since when?? Can’t feed the homeless, use a sidewalk etc….

I get the noise thing, but it’s noisy downtown anyway! I live in an area where there is a huge popluation of a religious group and when they are out walking around they YELL at each other like they are all hard of hearing and it’s crazy noisy, is there a by-law for that??!!



Freedom of Expression and Religion…..

The street preacher Mr. Pawlowski is helpful to the homeless people of Calgary, but to the rest of the churches I would have to say…..

O’ ye of little faith, and big business….

Other than That
Keep on preaching, Mr. Pawlowski


Would those who are intolerant of Christians, (in this case, Art Pawlowski) and the message they bear think any differently if the individual in question was Muslim, preaching from the Koran? I bet those mentioned above would be extolling the Muslim’s right of freedom of speech, and religious expression.

So this guy is loud and obnoxious…he actually does good things for people in need so perhaps we should just cut him some slack.

There’s a lot of people in Calgary who make a lot of noise, and behave in an obnoxious manner and they’re not ticketed, not charged with an offence, and yet they don’t have the redemption of doing something good for people in need to justify the rest of us having to endure their behavior.

Okay, you want to charge this guy for being loud and obnoxious…great…now lemme point you at my neighbor with the fat-piped diesel 4×4 and the super loud sound system blarin’ curse-filled music as an appropriate target for the next round of enforcement harassment…and, as far as anyone can tell, he ain’t helpin’ anyone in need unless you count the sales clerk at the local "big toys for big boys"-store.



Once again, a bid to silence the Christians. The bible has commanded us to teach the unchurched about Christ as well as to take care of the poor and Artur Pawlowski has done a wonderful job of doing that. I recall from past parades seeing many floats representing other religions, so why is the Street Church’s float being denied? Probably because people aren’t afraid of other religions, just the one that speaks the truth! Keep up the good fight Artur!



Had this been the Calgary Islamic Society, we would have had Muslims coming out of the woodwork protesting.


Sharon Purvis, the city bureaucrat behind the proposed restrictions, said the bylaw was meant to address public safety and order.
Give me a break Sharon, you facist. If you want to shut the public up, go to China where reforms like this might be a lot easier for you to shove down the publics throat. Here in Canada, if you don’t like the people, we will ask you to kindly leave our country, as our freedoms were purchased with the blood of our forefathers. For you to even consider this law just amazes me. It is TOTALLY against many of the Rights and Freedoms that all Canadians have. The right to peaceful assembly (in the story there was no details of fights), freedom of speech and thought (if you don’t like what someone else thinks, too bad so sad), as well as the freedom of movement (to block off a public square for your own ‘safety’ just doesn’t cut it).

When I worked in construction, I had a lot of my freedoms taken away for ‘safety’ reasons, and as far as I am concerned, I would still love to see those rules removed.

Mrs Purvis, if you again try to shove some anti-Canadian by-laws down the throat of the public, I will organize a large group of people to come down to city hall and make sure that this preacher isn’t the only one screaming from your front steps!

Do yourself a favour and drop this B.S.


Oh My GOD!! Calgary is taking pages from the VANOC Act……run fr the hills or get the pitch forks out – time to take back City Hall…
Good that there is and election

For a minute I thought that China had taken over.

""You should be able to come down and say so – right on the steps of city hall," he said.

Ward 12 Ald. Ric McIver, a member of the committee, agreed with them."

While I dislike Pawloski and really dislike Herr Chandler I support their right to voice their opinions.

Note to Gord Lowe, you have lost my vote.


This bill that city council is attempting to pass is a direct violation of The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, specifically section 2 (c), which gives every individual the right to peaceful assembly.


It also reveals this city’s municipal government to be much to bold. People need to be concerned when any government attempts to pass bills of this nature.

I wonder if our Mayor has ever heard of Voltaire,

"I do not believe in a word you say, but I will defend unto death your right to say it."

Though I have no true religious affiliations or fervour I do believe in the wisdom of Voltaire’s words. Every citizen has the right to speak there mind wherever they want



I’d love Bill Bruce to do something about the police helicopters that continually keep me awake most nights by hovering over my area for hours at a time. I thought those things were supposed to be efficient in capturing criminals? The preacher is at least trying to help people and I doubt he annoys too many people. Honestly, how many people even go to that area?

I included only some of the comments from different news outlets for you encouragement, so next time if you are wondering if we are alone, know this, that there are many people in this country that value their freedoms.


“They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety,” said Benjamin Franklin in 1775.


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