June 17, 2024
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Fundraiser for Jesse Rau, our brother in Christ.

As we all know, Jesse Rau, our brother in Christ, lost his job for taking a principled stand against a City of Calgary government who, while celebrating homosexuality, is increasingly forcing municipal employees to take part in promoting these celebrations, contrary to the Charter Protection afforded by Canadian law.

As Christians, we know that following the Gospel of Jesus Christ is never easy at the best of times. However, in times like these, Christians are facing persecution in the form of job loss and income loss when they refuse to “bow to Caesar”, because “Jesus is Lord”.

So in solidarity with Jesse Rau and his family, and in anticipation of the October 10, 2015 rally in Calgary, we are helping our brother financially through revenues generated through the purchase of the new International Pro-Life Flag.

Truly the Pro Life and the Pro Family movements are inseparable. Both movements confess the goodness of our Lord and Savior, and his perfect Word given to us throughout the generations. Our brother Jesse Rau is another one of the faithful, who stands among the faithful cloud of witnesses.

As Jesus himself said, the Church will overcome the gates of Hades. The church is a victorious force of light and love in a dark and dying world. We have nothing to be ashamed of, and everything to be proud of. This flag is a symbol to that eternal truth.

The white flag symbolizes the holiness and purity of God; the Gold/Yellow stripe represents the victory of the exalted Jesus; the heart symbolizes that God is love, and the beating heart of those who are alive. The two colors represent that God made only two genders (Male and Female); the silver lining around the heart represent the dignity of the elderly and those facing end-of-life issues (given that the Canadian Supreme Court struck down the ban of assisted-suicide)

Please contact Pastor Artur Pawlowski (please call 403-607-4434 or e-mail [email protected].) regarding how you can proudly wave this emblem of God’s victory, and how we can support our courageous brother Jesse from the proceeds generated from the purchase of the flag.

Peter Downing, Christian Heritage Party of Canada, Candidate for Edmonton Mill Woods, 2015 Canadian Federal Election.

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Peter Downing, Christian Heritage Party of Canada, Candidate for Edmonton Mill Woods, 2015 Canadian Federal Election.

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Left: Corey Rosenke – Christian Recording Artist and husband of Wilberforce Project Executive Director Rosey Rosenke. On the right is Patrice Roussel, the President of the Alberta March For Life Association.

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