May 20, 2024
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Peter Downing – Christian Heritage Party to Naheed Nenshi

Peter Downing – Christian Heritage Party to Naheed Nenshi

Hello Mr. Nenshi. I am sure you are by this point undoubtedly aware of the case of Jesse Rau: The Christian Bus driver, who was terminated by Calgary Transit for his public protest over feeling pressured by his municipal government employer to participate in driving a city bus that had been decorated in support of your city’s LGBT celebrations, which he genuinely felt violated his religious conscience. While there are very strong emotions on both Jesse’s side and the side of LGBT supporters, I must point out that Jesse is a husband and a father of young children.

While many people may disagree with his view, I truly hope that we can all see past our differences, and affirm as a society that we do not want to impoverish those that we disagree with, and that even those we disagree with have the same rights and protections under the Charter that we would claim for ourselves.

I ask you, as leader of your city, and as a man of wisdom and peace, that you extend compassion towards the family of Mr. Rau and work towards accommodating Jesse’s religious beliefs, and clarifying any misunderstandings that may have taken place. I humbly ask that you provide direction to Calgary Transit to re-instate Jesse to his previous position, or find a suitable position for him within your municipal service at the same pay level. I thank you so much for your time and consideration.

Most respectfully: Peter Downing, Christian Heritage Party of Canada, Candidate for Edmonton Mill Woods, 2015 Canadian Federal Election.


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