July 20, 2024
Press Coverage

As charities go, it’s a bargain.

Feeding the poor and ministering to the downtrodden is not a sin, it is what scripture tells us to do. Sharing the good news of the Gospel may not be the message of choice, for some, but that’s one reason why God invented legs, if you don’t like the message, keep walking. The City should have embraced this show of compassion years ago, and partnered with the ministry instead of bringing contentious division that has caused bitterness and resentment on both sides. Not to mention, Street Church is funded by its supporters rather than our tax dollars.

As charities go, it’s a bargain. Isn’t it time for the City to put on its big boy pants and work with Street Church? The City has what it takes to make this work out for everyone’s best interest, yet they continue to oppose. Shame on them for this. No matter what your view of Street Church is, Art’s points are valid. Aren’t all equally entitled to hold and share their own views, and aren’t all people’s bellies in need of filling, and should not every man have the chance to hear about Jesus’ sacrifice, and the opportunity to receive eternal life?

Calgary’s City Council, Naheed Nenshi and Abuse of Power

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