April 20, 2024
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Artur Pawlowski invited to speak at the International Conference for pastors and leaders in Europe

Artur Pawlowski, the Pastor behind numerous marches for Jesus and Street Churches that have now been organized worldwide has been invited to speak at the Redeemed Christian Church of God Conference for Pastors and Leaders from around the world in which one of the speakers will also be Enoch Adeboye, the Chief Pastor of RCCG Church, a congregation of more than five million members. Warsaw Poland will be the host city of this International Conference and the event will take place from the 24th to the 26th of April of this current year.

Artur Pawlowski has been living in Calgary, Alberta, Canada for two decades since he immigrated from Poland and he is the Pastor and Founder of the now well known Street Church in the streets of Calgary, Alberta whose ministry has gained national attention, stirred controversy as well as emotional responses and unpleasant criticism from many because of his uncompromising Biblical beliefs in regards to the truth of homosexuality, abortion, divorce, corruption and his devotion to care for the homeless, situations that have landed him in 10 arrests and standings in over 100 court cases ranging from criminal to provincial courts of the Canadian legal system but despite the past 9 years of persecution by the government agencies, Mr. Pawlowski has never been criminally convicted.

Mr. Pawlowski has learned to sift, filter and continue with his message that challenges his listeners to reflect upon their own actions and their decisions about their own beliefs. This Pastor continues to insist that Christianity is not just a dead religion, but a lifestyle and his questioning and challenge to church goers is always the same proclaiming that being a Christian it’s a new way of being clearly better than before in faith, word, but most importantly action, and not simply belonging to some denomination but being a lively and constant witness of Jesus Christ bearing in mind that the works of love and compassion towards others is what best speaks of our faith and brings the Kingdom of God to the people.

Artur Pawlowski throws towards the churchgoers a test of faith, and asks: “Do you really believe that God is all-powerful? Are your actions showing that you trust Him implicitly? Or are you maybe just a religious person, believing just for show even if you think differently? And by examining your life would we see Jesus or the Pharisee? Mr. Pawlowski urges believers to mature spiritually and to get out beyond the four walls of religion. He challenges everyone to take the opportunity to share the blessings with others so that they also can make a decision of faith and become part of the people of God. We as believers he claims, have the responsibility to serve, help, love and evangelize to others according to the great commission of Jesus to his disciples.

The Canadian Pastor believes that the Church is to be the guiding engine of change in every area of life regardless if it is education of future generations, politics or the media; he claims that it is God’s people that should uphold the moral standards as high as possible not bending the knees to the pressures of political correctness and he shakes those who sit in their pews declaring: “If the light does not shine and continually is retreating, what remains? Do not expect justice from the kingdom of darkness! Those blinded men by evil do not know anything else for it is only the light and the transformation of a heart that brings dramatic change and freedom for good. We, the church are the ones responsible for the future of our country, our cities and our future generations and the question is but one: By seeing evil around us, are we stirred to do something about it?”

This way of preaching raises a lot of controversy among apathetic and religious people and all those who do not want to go out of the comfort zone of their buildings and of their pews (benches) and are moved to the marrow of the bone (ticked off) and many times during his sermons, “The Pharisees of today” as he himself calls them are so firmly confronted that they get up and exit the room without waiting for the ending, but if you have a crave to listen to a man who practices exactly what he preaches and preaches exactly what he does, then surely this is your opportunity!

You will leave the conference with new fire and fervour to bring sacrifice to the Kingdom of God to every place Jesus will take you and after accepting His challenge you will never settle for the illusion of peace that sitting on a church bench can give, for you will better understand the difference between true Christianity and dead Religion.

Some additional quotes from Artur Pawlowski sermons speak for themselves: “A Christian to the devil is to be a lion, not a hyena, he is to be the winner, who will never be satisfied in only the carrion (carcass) left by the enemy”

“Theologians of the Word of God can not enter the Kingdom of God merely because they possess a school diploma, they will enter the Kingdom of God when they become the doers of that Word”

“It’s time to place our feet on the earth God has given us and take back the promises contained in His Word, we live in a time in which God appoints people with the anointing of Nehemiah, in one of their hands they hold masonry trowels, moral and spiritual rebuilding of the walls of the church that are to stand strong and stone by stone they rebuild what has been looted and destroyed by those who hate God and His people, and in the other hand these heroes of faith hold the sword ready to fight and defend that which was given to them as their inheritance from God the Father. Vigilant, steadfast and unwavering they stand in the gap, those are the true warriors in the army of the Lord and in truth and in spirit they declare the words of a certain song by Don Potter: “I have decided, I’m gonna make a stand I have decided, I’m taking back my land I have decided, thus far and no more I’m gonna take up my sword and fight in the name of the Lord!” This is how it is, the uncompromising, true church of Jesus Christ!”.

During this event, Artur Pawlowski will also invite listeners to actively participate in events such as Marches for Jesus or Street Churches that at the moment arise worldwide.

The dates of the conference are April 24th-26th from 8.00 to 12.00 and 18.00-23.00, and Saturday from 18.00-12.00.Location- Hotel Novotel, ul.1 August 1, Warsaw.

We invite you all for this unique conference in the name of Jesus Christ!

BY Axa Estrella Bolaños-Reicher

International Conference of Pastors and Leaders from over forty nations in 2013.

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Seminar on evangelism and persecution 2013

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Pastor Enoch Adeboye

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Nathaniel Pawłowski and Pastor and Co-organizer of the March for Jesus in Poland, Jerzy Przeradowski.

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