May 18, 2024

Canada’s Jackboot Prosecutors STILL Trying To Convict Pastor Artur Pawlowski… You’ll Never Guess Why

Written by Wes Walker on February 9, 2023 Clash Daily

Pastor Artur Pawlowski became an instant viral sensation when he told the health authorities busting into his Church service during COVID that they were evil Gestapo and they had no right to interrupt his congregation’s worship.

ClashDaily chronicled some of his many run-ins with Canadian authorities as they hounded him over Covid violations, ultimately failing to convict him after many, many tries.

Then came the Canadian Truckers’ now-famous Freedom Convoy.

Pawlowski never took the big trip to Ottawa. But he was invited to a shin-dig closer to home. Truckers, famers, and others gathered for a protest at the Canada-US border.

Pawlowski, already well-known for as a pastor who fearlessly stood up for individual rights against a tyrannical state, was invited by the protesters to lead an impromptu church service close to where the protest was being held.

He accepted the invite, and ClashDaily covered that as well.

Canadian authorities were not happy about him preaching that particular sermon… and they pressed charges. That’s right, he became the first Canadian in history to face criminal prosecution over a sermon.

Surely such a ridiculous charge would be as open-and-shut as the ruling that threw out his COVID charges, right? You would assume so. But that was back when Canadians actually had a functioning Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

In Trudeau’s Canada, such trivialities no longer seem to be in force. Which is doublyweird since it was his dad that ratified it. (We mean the creepy french Pierre Elliot Trudeau, not that guy in Cuba.)

It wasn’t immediately dismissed. It hangs in limbo as the judge ponders what decision is to be made.

Pastor Pawlowski discussed the trial’s details on Laura Ingram’s show.

He’s a man who never once bent his knee in the last few years despite many powerful voices and incentives pressing him to stop.

His positions during Covid were eventually vindicated. We need MANY MORE such leaders in the church. ASAP.

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