May 28, 2024

Artur Pawlowski should be revered for his actions, not vilified


People of Southern Alberta can be forgiven if the name Artur Pawlowski, doesn’t roll freely off the tongue, but the name should. Why? Because this man has saved more soles through his ministry, and the near single handed delivering of essentials of life to the Calgary and areas homeless, and destitute, than perhaps anyone in Alberta. He should be an honoured citizen. But no, as he’s found there’s little reward in the saving business when you’re drowning in unions in concert with civic authorities inventing new laws and ways to stifle unfavourable voices. Life took another unfortunate turn for the good pastor when he, after addressing protestors at Coutts, was arrested. Authorities wrongly stated he participated “in the freedom blockade.” He spoke. Thousands of people “participated” across this country and few were arrested or denied bail. Amazingly, seven of 12 people arrested at Coutts (after police discovered “13 high powered long arms, assorted handguns, a large quantity of ammunition, and body armour”) were promptly granted bail and went on their way – no problem. Preacher Pawlowski went home too – escorted to Calgary and prison where he was held captive, no bail (at time of writing this editorial) for Artur Pawlowski. 

Every day we learn from our media, watching helplessly, as really bad people, some “repeatedly” committing serious criminal acts like – assaulting security guards, thrashing machinery – crushing buildings etc, as happened recently at a Gaslink site in B.C. Most of these criminals walk free, some gifted “cashless bail” before ink dries on an incident report. I have a file on these disgusting failures in our judicial system six inches thick! Not one of them triggered the Emergency Measures act, like a line of trucks on Parliament hill did. As of Feb 17/22 Palowski sits in prison, said to be to dangerous to release. Can you believe such government overreach & tyranny is happening in Canada – totally because the PM, refuses to talk. The crown states Pawlowski “will reoffend and undermine the publics confidence in the administration of justice.”. Folks aren’t you, like me, troubled by burning churches, drug dealers laughing at the law, and judges who fail citizens from coast to coast. Don’t we need to fear the loss of freedom of worship, speech and expression, and everything good we grew up cherishing in this once great country – the land where government represented the electorate and “freedoms” were a given! 

Sadly, those days are history!

A.W. Shier


Street Church Calgary with Pastor Artur Pawlowski

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