May 18, 2024

Prime Minister Stephen Harper

The following letter was forwarded us to Scott Graham after he mailed it to the Prime Minister. 

Prime Minister Stephen Harper:

We have come to a very sad state of affairs when a Christian organization who is being persecuted for feeding the poor, by the City of Calgary (abuse of power according a recent judicial ruling),loses its charitable tax status.

This is apparently due to the City filing a complaint with someone at CRA, and a department official at CRA subsequently claiming, with Street Church challenging the City of Calgary to honor its stated policies in order to raise a flag to acknowledge Christ during the Christmas period, or espousing Biblical verses, they are making political statements and no longer qualify as a charity!

This is an outrage and needs to be addressed immediately. It is the beginning of a downhill slippery slope into spiritual darkness when a government official can make this declaration. It threatens the basis of the Christian faith and the right for every Christian organization to carry charitable status.

How can we have a CRA department official tell Charities they can no longer teach the Word of God? Cannot a Christian organization challenge city officials when they do not honor their own written City policies and give preference to promoting Gay organizations in the City of Calgary vs. Christian organizations, without the Church losing their Charitable status? What kind of Country are we living in?

This atrocity must be quickly corrected. I implore you to address this with the Minister of Finance as well as your Privy Council so this kind of CRA dictatorship does not occur again in the future.

Thank you for your intervention.

Scott Graham

B.Comm (Hon.) CMA Calgary AB

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