May 18, 2024

Elected officials are to be public servants, not dictators.

Hello dear brother Art! Blessings be on you and your home in the Name of the Lord Jesus. 

Below this e-mail I have placed a copy of the e-mail we have been sending to major Canadian ministries. It is our desire to see more support from those ministries publicly for you and the fight you are in. In some e-mails we changed the "lifting in prayer" to "consider having him on your programme", in the hopes that they will investigate and consider having you on as a guest. Norm MacLaren from 100 Huntley Street has responded, and indicated that they are aware of your situation, and are in prayer for you.

We continue to hold you up in prayer ourselves, and are praying for your family, ministry, and lawyer, as well as for God to move in the court action coming. Thank you for standing on the front lines of the battle, and conducting yourself Christ-like, while not caving in to the injustice. We have seen that many in ministry are indeed cowards, and man-pleasers, and we pray that God will move to deal with them unto repentence, and raise up righteous leaders who will whole-heartedly follow Christ. Thank you for standing with Christ for what is right and true. God bless and keep you.

Dear (insert ministry leader name),

Recently Art Pawlowski and Streetchurch in Calgary , Alberta have come to our attention via the media. His basic right to preach the gospel is being attacked by the city of Calgary , and the Mayor’s office.

Having researched his website at we contacted him personally and also Mayor David Bronconnier’s office; may we please encourage you to do likewise.

Please lift him up in prayer, and inform Canadians how our rights and freedoms are being not only ignored, but blatantly attacked, utilizing the very legal system of our land that should be protecting and preserving those rights. We need to realize that this is happening not in Calgary , but in Canada ! Please may we ask you to inform those that you minister to, and request that they also contact the city of Calgary ?

Should we allow such violations without making an outcry? Should we be selfish-minded, content with our own quiet or should we begin to conduct ourselves as a family…the family of God, and stand against an enemy that is attacking one of us? Should we be ministry-minded, or Kingdom-minded? If we allow a violation of this nature to go unchallenged, it will spread to more violation of our rights of freedom of speech and religion, curtailing all Canadian ministry eventually.

May we keep in mind the saying, They came for the Jew, and no one said anything. They came for the black, and no one said anything. They came for me, and there was no one left to say anything. Elected officials are to be public servants, not dictators.

We ask you to consider this with the utmost gravity, as our rights and freedoms as laid out in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms are being challenged, rights that were paid for by the blood of Canadian veterans.

From David and Anna in Ontario

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