April 20, 2024

What an amazing weekend we had!

On March 8th to 10th Street Church hosted “A Weekend of Supernatural Healing”. What an amazing weekend we had! Friday morning was a rocky start with the shocking news that Pete Cabrera Jr., one of our weekend’s three speakers from Royal Family University International School of Ministry, was denied entry into Canada! The evil one was attempting to foil our plans but this attack was to be overcome on Saturday night. Of course we still had our other two guests Eric Wilding and Amos Webskowski, two amazing men of God, who blessed us with their healing presence and taught many who attended the weekend sessions how to heal by the power of our great God. On Friday night we had many believers, many from hundreds of kilometers away, show up to learn how to heal in God’s power or to be healed by Him through us. This took place outside at Street Church in downtown Calgary. It was a great and lively night with the Gospel preached and with many healings.

After a quick trip out to Banff for brunch on Saturday morning, and to the local Candy Store where the Lord used Eric to heal a young hockey player’s shoulder, we took a ride up the Sulphur Mountain Gondola for a bird’s eye view of the majestic Rocky Mountains. Many thanks to Jordi in Banff, who joined us during that trip and for the whole weekend. Making it back to Calgary for the 6PM seminar we had only one hour to set up all the audio and video at the Dream Centre. We launched our secret plan to get Pete Cabrera Jr on the big screen all the way from Kansas using Skype! I was definitely nervous wondering if our technology and plan would work properly. Thankfully we had the best sound/video man we could have ever asked for in Daniel, who regularly works there. Many thanks also to the Street Church team for bringing food and drinks for everyone!

Saturday evening started out with Pastor Art Pawlowski with one of the best sermons on repentance and the power and salvation available through Jesus Christ that I have ever heard preached. It was followed up with our worship leader Dan on the guitar who sounded absolutely perfect and the Power and Love of God was felt by all! Then it was time to get Pete Cabrera up on screen and by the grace of God, the Skype technology worked! It was absolutely amazing and inspiring as many were healed in front of our eyes. We even had to catch a few of them (as they went for a healing glory nap) as Pete prayed, healed, instructed, and lifted the crowd with truth and love over the Internet. After an hour or so, Pete gave the stage up to Eric and Amos who continued to demonstrate the mighty Power of God in the Name of Jesus Christ, through prayer and belief in His Word. Eric and Amos showed our guests that they too have the power to heal if they put their trust in God and just do what the Word says to do. All in all about 30 or 40 people were healed, many by those in attendance who had never healed anyone before! To end it all off, after most had left, we prayed for Daniel the sound man who himself was touched by God. In the end, the plans of the devil were completely foiled… God is Good!

On Sunday everyone was back at Street Church by noon and Ashley was immediately healed of a hernia (after having her gallbladder healed the day before). Many were prayed for on this beautiful day and we learned more and more about the healing power of God through Eric and Amos. At the end of the day an old friend of mine (Mitchell) showed up and his back was healed. The weekend was finished off with a very nice dinner at the Calgary Tower.

Personally, I would not have traded this Weekend of Supernatural Healing for anything. It greatly exceeded expectations and was enjoyed by all! Bodies were healed, hearts were moved, and God was glorified! We continue to practice what we learned during that weekend down at Street Church, so please bring anyone you know who needs healing or prayer to join us there! Many thanks to the Royal Family team, the amazing volunteers from Street Church, and most of all, to everyone who traveled from far and wide to attend.

Blessings to you and may we see you all again next time!

– Sheldon Wrubleski

Matthew 18:20 “For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.”

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