May 28, 2024

Let’s go Paintball!

Who’s ready for paintball?

Join us Saturday, March 30 2013 for another day of paintball with Street Church friends. We are planning to spend a whole day paint balling. We will bring sausages, meat, buns, drinks, so don’t worry you won’t be thirsty or hungry.

The event will take place about a half hour just outside of Cochrane. Here is the address: Capture the Flag To find out more details please send me an email at [email protected] or call me at 403-607-4434 we want to take an opportunity to paintball in the snow. Its truly an amazing experience. One more thing, if you ever had the desire to challenge me to a Cowboy Quick Draw Shoot Out now is your chance:-)

Let’s have fun, let’s go Paintball!

These are pictures of the last time we went paint balling. As you can see we had a blast.

So see you there.

IMG 3810

IMG 3844

IMG 3848 1

IMG 3864

IMG 3882

IMG 3896 1

IMG 3904

IMG 3942

IMG 3965 1

IMG 3994

IMG 4004

IMG 4013

IMG 4119

IMG 4121

IMG 4139

Here are more pictures

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