June 17, 2024

Sound the trumpet in Zion

It is coming up to my second year at Street Church. Recently, I have been experiencing a true taste of great things to come, while personally ministering the gospel. I have seen and experienced the anointing of the Lord in new powerful ways like never before, the Lord is certainly among us.


Also, brother Marco ministered to a man named Geoff who we had the pleasure of baptizing. Geoff was an addict and a man living in much darkness after rejecting God early in life despite having a grandfather who was a minister. When Geoff began to come to Street Church He was at first only willing to listen but after a few days he found himself in a personal crisis, when his girlfriend left him. Alone and desperate he turned to a little blue bible given by Street Church, God found his way in this mans brokenness and returning to Street Church Geoff decided he did not care what people would say. He decided to return to God and make it public by being baptized. Geoff was on the edge, ready to kill himself, but Marco gave him another option…a free BBQ. The choice was his, he chose a free meal, and in the lineup he said that God touched him in a supernatural way. Now weeks later he has a new job and a new heart. We hear testimonies like this on a daily basis. Who would ever want to quit? We are just are just getting started!


We baptized another man over a year ago. He came to us at the steps city hall thanking us for our perseverance and commitment. Since this man accepted Christ, he is free from drugs, homelessness, unemployment, hopelessness! Hallelujah he is definitely in newness of life! We feel privileged to receive encouragements like this, and they are coming to us regularly. The homeless come to us daily thanking us for standing for them.


Hundreds of Calgarians are realizing the truth at City Hall, not just the truth about the Son of God but also the truth about the lies spoken against Street Church. People are able to see the enlarged tickets for themselves, they ask questions and although the tickets are right in front of their eyes, they are shocked that the City officials would actually create illegal bylaws that strip Calgarians of guaranteed fundamental rights.


Maybe you, like myself, a Calgarian since birth, have also noticed the changes in this city in the past two years, especially with increased violence and drug use like never before. Yet the cities resources are used to attack those who are trying to solve the problem in a time tested way, that has been proven to work all over the world in every generation, that way is….Jesus. God saves, God loves, this is our God and He works. He works on the streets and He works through the least of us anywhere. He is their salvation, and I don’t recall a week without someone wanting to receive Him. Even police and city workers are coming to encourage us. One officer even told us that those in history who persevered to the end won, and many have said that they totally believe that what we are doing is good. They also indicated that they do not understand why the city is harassing us.


More Good News


We have officially been accepted to march in the 2008 Calgary Stampede!!! This year we are going in style. We have horses, carriages, and we are all going to be dressed eighteenth century style! We are going with class not for the sake of Street Church, but to march for the name of Jesus. Though it cost us 5000 dollars to make our entry look beautiful, we feel every penny is worth it to represent our Lord in front of the citizens of this nation.


Poland Here We Come


Bogdan and myself will be leaving on the 5th for a short term missions trip to Poland for 5 weeks. We will fly into Holland to minister on the streets. Then we will drive through Germany and off to Polska! We are participating in youth camps for young people who have never heard the gospel, prison ministry, and we are scheduled for ministry in the capital city Warszawa. We will also have the opportunity to participate in a radio ministry. We will be doing dramas on the streets and taking souvenirs for the churches. Please keep us in prayer. If you feel encouraged to participate in, or support, what Street Church is doing please contact Street Church at 690-4636. To stay up to date on our ministry efforts visit streetchurch.ca.


For updates on our missions trip please see my blog at http://www.streamsofzion.blogspot.com/


What a privilege to be the hands and feet of Jesus serving the people by God’s provision, freely giving His hope and life, won on the cross, letting all men know that Jesus is the only answer.


Louis Formaz-Preston

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