May 20, 2024
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Drugs pollute, not preacher

Drugs pollute, not preacher
Calgary Herald

Re: "Noise pollution," Letter, June 15.


Ald. Joe Ceci paints an incomplete picture of what he says is irritating and counter-productive sermonizing across from the Drop-In Centre.


Perhaps he has not seen what I have seen, crowds numbering in the hundreds, gathering for the event. These folks do not appear to find the activities "unsoothing." In fact, they seem to be enjoying it. Just maybe there might be some kind of helpful message in all of that noise.


As for pollution, my employment has me passing the Drop-In Centre several times per day. I frequently see what the alderman does not mention: Sales and use of drugs, complete with smoke. Overnight debris is picked up by city crews, not volunteers, at a cost, I am told, of $1.4 million per year.


Why should there be so much concern over a preacher’s attempt to spread some compassion, while all the while, the root problems continue as business-as-usual?


Ken Waddell,



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