May 18, 2024

Many Christians in Canada do not know

Many Christians in Canada do not know that for the past few decades the rights that our forefathers fought and died for are slowly being taken away.

Through the years Municipal and Provincial Governments have been implementing laws that are simply against the law of God and also against the Constitution.

Street Church Ministries have successfully fought and won against many of these unconstitutional laws such as feeding people on the streets, gathering crowds, reading from the Bible in public, preaching the gospel and distributing Christian pamphlets. With over 70 court appearances, nine arrests and countless meetings with the authorities from different departments we were able to halt this ungodly agenda against Christians in the public square, the very square that the government was built upon. By the Grace of God we have won all the battles and now the ministry distributes over 200,000 meals a year, preaches the gospel in public 5 times a week and not only here in Canada but also in Africa and in Europe. Thanks to the ministries efforts we now have the March for Jesus in many places including the one in Calgary (

Three years ago The Canada Revenue Agency took a role of “thought police” and stripped the ministry of it’s charity status. In their documents they stated that the board of directors express a strong and negative “political” views on abortion, homosexuality and divorce. Because of this “crime” we no longer qualify for charitable status. So today we are asking the Christian community , any one that possesses charitable status and is no longer using it or barely using it maybe someone that wants to retire, to forward their number to the Street Church Ministries.

This would allow us to continue to raise funds and to keep fighting for the rights of all Christians in Canada.

Please help us to keep fighting and winning for the freedoms that We all want to keep enjoying.

Contact us at 403-607-4434, or via e-mail: [email protected]

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