July 20, 2024

Linda Gibbons in Calgary

Join Street Church this Wednesday evening at 6 PM in honouring Linda Gibbons and welcoming her to Calgary.  Linda will be honoured by Calgary’s Christian community with a White Hat ceremony recognizing her for her powerful stand against injustice. Linda, who currently resides in Ontario, Canada is an amazing God-fearing and faithful warrior fighting fearlessly for the lives of millions of voiceless, unborn children.  

Linda has been persecuted at the highest levels of the Canadian “justice system” for quietly and non-violently offering pregnant women an alternative to aborting their children.  She has spent approximately 10 years in prison as a consequence of her battle against an unjust and murderous Canadian legal system which does nothing to protect the innocent.  In Canada, free speech (and the right to life and safety) is guaranteed by our Charter of Rights and Freedoms.  However for Linda, she has received little more than multiple prison sentences for using these same rights to stand up for those beautiful children who are too young to defend themselves.  

Come and listen to Linda Gibbons and hear her side of the story.  Linda will expose the truth from both sides of the abortion issue and both sides of the prison walls. She will leave you with a hope and an outlook that will make a difference in your life, your country, and your relationship with God.

This is a meeting that you cannot miss if you have ever wanted to meet a true hero of faith who has sacrificed so much for truth and righteousness.

When and Where:

November 27, 2013 6:00 PM

Calgary Centre Street Church West Campus

40th Ave. Centre Str NE (go through bottom doors at East entrence)

For more information, please contact Artur Pawlowski at 403-607-4434 or e-mail [email protected]

Byline – June 21-’13 – Alissa Golob – Linda Gibbons Arrest

Linda Gibbons Speaks at National March for Life 2013

The arrest of Linda Gibbons August 4 2011


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