May 22, 2024

Last Tuesday’s Divine appointments

The City of Calgary organized a safety event for children inside the city hall this past Tuesday. When we arrived for our noon worship and prayer service there were thousands of children buzzing all around the atrium. There were booths set up by different departments like police safety, Atco Gas, Bylaw services, paramedics etc., and believe me with the voices of so many kids, you literally felt like you were in a bee hive and behold, all of this was happening inside the Atrium.

Ohhh! How many times have we been told that our little prayer and worship disrupted their business and how inappropriate the Christian presence is inside our City Hall. Well, we all know that some inside Calgary’s City Hall are biased and clearly anti Christian and again this incident just proves it. The moment we entered the City Hall we were told by the authorities that there is no way that they would allow us to conduct our prayer service. So again, thousands of children were no problem as space was made for all of them but 30 praying Christians take up too much space (ok, the truth is that perhaps, I agree that some of us should fast more often, therefore we would use up less room).

There was no way that anyone could actually agree with their reasoning. So we started to pray and worship and once again we were right. Everyone including the children had a great time. We saw children dancing, waving and singing with us. Some came to ask questions and guess what, we did not see any children depressed or traumatized by listening to Christian prayer and worship and I would say it was quite the opposite, they were interested and happy. By the end of our meeting we had the opportunity to positively impact many lives specifically all the young lives.

We have to remember that one day those kids will grow up and if we can influence them with the love, compassion and hope that Jesus brings, they will not have to be on antidepressants or other drugs as so many of their parents are today. We know that only God Himself can fill that void and fill their lives with His peace and last Tuesday many of them had the opportunity to receive just that.

The reality is that we need more of a Christian presence in the market place not less and as history teaches us, wherever God’s children gather there comes the blessing.

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