June 17, 2024

Joyful Prayer and worship meetings every Tuesday at the City Hall at noon

This article was also published in City Light News

When we think about our prayer and worship meetings at city hall we have to remember that it is an absolutely wonderful gift from God to this city of Calgary.

Muse about this event and marvel. Every week at noon a group of Christians come to the heart of the city and lift their voices to the living God, Jesus. What a blessing! what a privilege! I must tell you that when you see and hear those that come to these meetings with no personal agendas and without man made divisions you know this is the body of Christ in action. One mind, one heart and one purpose to bring a spiritual awakening, a revival if you will, to Canada.

With humble hearts that are totally relying on God, every Tuesday believers from different churches, all walks of life and different ages bring their adoration and praises to the One that died and rose from the grave. As the guitar begins to play accompanied by the violin, we lift our voices and you feel the presence of the Almighty, it is tangible everywhere. Then comes prayer and the unchanging Word of God.

If you are in Calgary you simply cannot miss this time that comes straight from the book of Acts. During the past few months we have seen people cry, fall on their knees, lift up their hands in worship and every week someone comes to us from outside the gathering and expresses how much they appreciate what we are doing at city hall. It is time for God’s move in Canada and for that to happen He needs His Mordocais’, Daniels’, Paul’s’, Debra’s’, both women and men that not only prayed and waited for God to move but who would step out in faith in the midst of adversity.

You pray and go, and when you go with prayer you are destined to change the world for the kingdom of God. We all are called to do just that.

Tuesday at high noon, there is a showdown between the Devil and God and we know who wins, so come and be counted among the victors and be blessed as we altogether take back what the locusts have devoured.This is truly an open invitation from God towards His people in Calgary, please take it as such with an open heart.

God bless you in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth,

Live today as though Christ will return tomorrow,

Artur Pawlowski

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