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Jesus Week – Day Six

Thursday, July/03/2014

Another day of the Park Festival in Gdansk Przymorze. The weather is good, so a lot of people show up. Some passers-by and cyclists join the fun.

During the festival we hear the concert of an excellent group from Gdansk called Holyguns. They will present music from their latest album ‘Psalmocentric’. Jacek Śliwa, the author of the music and lyrics, shares the fascinating story of how he met God. The response is great.

While girls paint kids faces and the crowd listens to the music, some people come up to a special stand where they can ask for prayer. It’s a very touching experience as this demonstrates that the people trust us and feel secure here. We believe that it is the Holy Spirit who touches them and convinces them to approach us.

– I’m telling you things I should only tell a priest in a confessional, but I don’t feel uncomfortable – says one lady.

– I’m glad I can talk to you – someone adds.

– God is wonderful! – exclaims one elderly gentleman.

– Beautiful initiative! – a lady says.

One girl, who just happened to come to the concert, gives her life to Christ after a lengthy conversation. This is definitely the highlight of the day. Marcel Płoszyński – the host of the „In the Attic” TV program, Paweł Bukała from the Warsaw Street Church and Artur Pawłowski from the Street Church in Calgary also drop by.

The Park Festival combines the idea of a family picnic with a social gathering and worship meeting. Organisers mention something about doing such meetings on a regular basis throughout the Summer. It’s really worth considering, as it turns out that outdoor church services are in every respect more fruitful than meeting inside a beautiful building with the same old group of people.

Maciej Strzyżewski

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