July 20, 2024

God Changes Lives at Street Church.

The atmosphere at the Street Church is amazing. We have the privilege to pray for lots of people. Some need physical healing, others spiritual. It does not matter what may be the problem, our God is bigger then all of them combined together. And what is more remarkable is that He proves this regularly on the streets in Calgary.

Every single time we go to the streets, we see more stories of lives changed by the power and mercy of Jesus.

Here are just a few of the recent ones.

A Broken Man

I was at the barbeque when a big man approached me and asked “Are you the pastor?” “Yes I am,” I replied. “Then I need your help,” he said, “I am desperate and I reached the rock bottom” I asked someone to replace me at the grill and walked away with this man. His name was Timothy and he was struggling with alcohol and even though he went many times to get different treatments, no one could help him. He was a total wreck. I talked to him about the power of the living God and I asked him if he was willing to ask Jesus to forgive his sins and accept God as his Lord and Saviour, over his life. He prayed with me. Tears were rolling down his face and when we finished I prayed to God to fill this man with His Holly Spirit, to lead him all the way and to watch over him. Timothy was visibly touched, hugged me like a bear and didn’t want to let go. I was touched as well. This man needed hope and we, as believers in Jesus Christ, had what so many people, including this man, are looking for. God is so great. He found His son in the gathering, on the street corner of Calgary, touched him and set him free for now and eternity.


I have known this man for a few years now. He used to be in the news from time to time. A known drug dealer at the time when, a few years ago, shot an unarmed man repeatedly in the back.

He came again to thank us for the work that we were doing, for the food and for the prayers. He said that during the time of trouble, when he wanted out, he went to different churches asking for help and not even one was willing to help him, until he came to Street Church. Now, thanks to God, he is clean and has a full time job, making $25 per hour and has his own place to live.

He said if was not for our help, with food and prayers, he would have had no option, but to go back to the life of crime. Wow, God is amazing. He changed a criminal into a good law abiding citizen. Nothing is impossible for Jesus! It does not matter how deep you are in the hole, He can dig you up from it. When he was leaving the church I said to him, “If it was just for you, all this work and hardship was worth it!” He smiled and said, “Thank you.”

A Suicidal Man’s Last Meal

A man who was messed up on drugs (crack cocaine) came to us, and while he was eating his food, like someone was going to steal it from him, Monty said to him, “Jesus Loves you and He has a plan for your life.” He looked at him and replied “No, He doesn’t.” “Yes, He does,” continued Mont. The man was shaking his head reciting his line, “No, He does not.” Monty was not willing to give up and, with other volunteers, he prayed for this man. Behold when they finished praying, something happened to him. He immediately sobered up and said, “I am glad that you prayed for me, because I was about to commit suicide today, but I do not want to do it anymore. Thank you.” He left, filled with peace, and with a full belly.

Praise God! He is the same yesterday, today and forever.

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