May 20, 2024

2011 Youth Rally and March for Jesus

City Wide Youth Rally

This year’s City Wide Youth Rally at Prince’s Island Park on May 28th was wonderful. We saw a much larger turn out this year with people of all ages coming out to engage and pray for the youth that came to the event. Once again, it was wonderful to see an increase in unity between churches, coming together in one accord to reach and embolden the youth. Many speakers and worship teams came together to pray and worship together and to proclaim freedom for Calgary. Many people stepped up and made a commitment to a revived life in Jesus Christ, being awakened for the next steps in their walk with the Lord. There were even some people who showed up at the park, heard the messages that were given and gave their lives to Christ, right there and then. It was truly encouraging to see what the Lord did through His people.





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Upcoming March for Jesus on June 19, 2011

The time is here! We are now less than two weeks away from the 2011 March for Jesus. That means that excitement is growing. It also means that there are many last minute preparations that need to be made, and for that, we need volunteers. There are also many costs that are mounting, and so we humbly ask that all who believe in the March for Jesus and what is doing for our City, Province and Nation, to please step up and make a contribution. Last years March for Jesus, where we gave away; March for Jesus ball caps, T-shirts, balloons, barbecued food, popcorn, cotton candy, ice cream, and provided bouncy houses for the children, cost around $25/person to provide. As always, our commitment is to provide a day in which the body of believers can come together to worship, pray, and boldly proclaim Jesus Christ over our city, in one accord to the glory of the Heavenly Father and do it at no cost to those who desire to attend. We have felt that too often the message of Christ comes with an admission cost, and it is our view that an event like this, should be accessible to all who want to come and worship and pray in the name of Jesus Christ, or event to those who want to find out about the gospel message and their creator.


With this is mind, it is critically important at this time, that the body of believers rise to the call and pitch in together so that we can all enjoy together what the Lord is doing in our city. Last year’s March for Jesus cost a total of $120,000 to put on, but this year’s event will be a little less due to the fact that some purchases made last year were for items which we now own and therefor do not have to buy for marches from this year forward, but there are still many costs and fees which are ongoing, due to all of the free items that are given away at the event. If you are a business person or a church leader or simply an individual who believes in the March for Jesus, please call us to arrange for us to receive your contribution. Your giving will be a blessing to many.

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