May 28, 2024

March for Jesus 2011 is Less Than a Week Away

It’s only a few days until the March for Jesus and we are overwhelmed and pleased with the response from the people in the City of Calgary. There is nothing but positive responses toward the march (except a few angry athiests 😉 that we have to pray for). It looks like the believers are getting more and more excited about having the March for Jesus in our province. Even some of the churches that were not on board last year have stepped up and promoting the march this year and still others have called and committed to bringing people out from their church to volunteer the day before and the day of the march.

You may or may not be aware that last year, the main stream media chose not to cover this major event, even though thousands of Christians marched on the streets and even though downtown intersecting roads along with the march route of Stephen Avenue were closed during the march. We received assistance from 16 different City departments, yet the media decided to keep the whole event and even the road closures quiet. (the media covers other events that have much smaller attendance, so it just shows the bias. By the way, the media was notified of the event with media releases). There was not one secular media outlet that covered this amazing day last year. Please bring your cameras, contact everyone on your e-mail or phone lists and let’s spread the word everywhere we can.

Last year, because we, with our own cameras, recorded the event and then published the videos and pictures everywhere we could, including the March for Jesus website, there were at least five other marches that we know of that ran their own March for Jesus in various cities in North America, crediting Calgary’s march as their inspiration. We have had interest from cities in other nations to run marches in their cities as well.

As an aside, it’s important to note that when the devil doesn’t want people to know about what God’s people are doing, that means that we are on the right track. It means that he is afraid. What is he afraid of, you might ask? First of all, that believers are uniting in one Spirit and in one accord to lift the name above all names, the name of Jesus Christ.

Secondly, that the unification will become so strong, that God’s people might just start reforming the laws of our nation to reflect the laws of God and the heart of God. Thirdly, that believers, united together will be too powerful and the gates of hell will not prevail against them, and the devil will no longer be able to keep Christians in the closet.

So here it is, our final requests before the march. First, please spread the news. Be the new media of the 21st century. What a great opportunity to evangelize your family members and your neighbours and co-workers. Invite them to the event. They will hear the life giving gospel. They will hear about the hope, that no one else but Jesus can give.

Secondly, please support in any way you can, to not only help us to cover off all of the expenses for this march but help us to build a fund to help other cities run marches as well. Help us to bring the movement alive around the world again. So far, within just a few days, we received e-mails from people who are asking when we will bring the March for Jesus to Vancouver, Edmonton, Toronto, etc… So we need those who have received the vision and see the impact to help us to make the March for Jesus greater and have a bigger impact, for one reason and one reason only, to unite the body of Christ and to lift the name of Jesus Christ our King and our Saviour, to the Glory of God the Father around the world.

If the Lord is prompting you to support the march, you can mail a check or money order, the mailing address to send them to is:

1740 – 25a Street SW
Calgary, AB
T3C 1J9

Street Church is handling the cheques for March for Jesus so please make cheques payable to Street Church with a memo notation that the funds are designated to the March for Jesus.

There is still about $25,000 to raise for outstanding bills for this year’s march, and we know that the Lord will provide, because He is faithful, we also know that God moves through the hearts and hands of His people, and that it says that “you do not have because you do not ask”, so we are asking.

May God bless all who have supported the March for Jesus in any way shape or form.

See you at the march. Remember that we gather at Millennium Square (1220 – 9 Avenue SW) at 1:00pm on Father’s Day on June 19, and that the march will begin at 2:00pm. During this time prior to the starting of the march including the cutting of the ribbon, to initiate the march, the deputy leader of the Christian Heritage Party will share a quick word and we are expecting the government minister Jonathan Denis to come and address the crowd as well. It will also be a time to organize everyone as we prepare to head down 8th Avenue.

When the march starts, just after the ribbon cutting ceremony, will continue along Stephen Avenue Mall and will end at Olympic Plaza. After the march we will enter into group prayer for the nations and for God’s spirit to be poured out on all flesh. We will then have a great time of celebration, tripple-A stakes, shish kabobs, hot dogs, hamburgers, cotton candy, bouncey houses, praise music, fellowship, testimonies, etc… It will be an amazing time in the Lord for all who enter in with us.

Here are a few videos from last year to give you a feel for the march itself:

March for Jesus 2010
“Marching” Awesome Video

March for Jesus 2010
Gathering Video

March for Jesus 2010
Righteous Mayor

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