June 17, 2024
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TV-Artur Pawlowski and Jim Blake – June 22, 2010

March For Jesus and Free Speech

Pastor Art Pawlowski of Calgary Street Church joins us today along with Jim Blake of “Concerned Christians Canada” to let us know how the “March For Jesus” event went on the weekend. We’ll also find out the latest in the controversy over the refusal of the Calgary Stampede to allow Calgary Street Church to participate in this year’s Stampede parade. Some Say Calgary Street Church shouldn’t have broken the rules by handing out tracts … others argue it’s a form of religious discrimination. Either way, Pastor Art Pawlowski is determined to continue feeding the poor and homeless, preaching the gospel — with or without loudspeakers — no matter what roadblocks are in the way. Is his approach biblical or should he gear it down a few notches? Your calls and e-mails are welcome!

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