June 17, 2024

Street Church and Artur Pawlowski-persecution in Canada

Watch this episode to find out how Christians are being persecuted in Canada. We hope that you will enjoy watching and sharing it with your friends!

This is a short documentary on a Calgary street preacher, Artur Pawlowski. Due to his ministry’s stance against abortion, homosexuality and divorce, he has lost the charity status with the Canadian Revenue Service. But that is not all he endures at the hands of the “authorities”. You will be shocked to see who is considered a criminal in Alberta, Canada!


Artur Pawlowski is the lead pastor for Street Church Ministries (www.streetchurch.ca) and preaches on the streets of Calgary, 4 days a week. He was the host of an internationally broadcast evangelical production called Evangelism in Action which airs once a week on the Miracle Channel. Through Vision Heaven’s satellite channel on Galaxy 25 and hotbird 6 (110 million satellite dishes). The channel reaches all of the USA, Canada, Mexico, Europe, the Middle East and North Africa. He has been interviewed repeatedly by the media and has been featured in an award winning radio documentary in Poland.

Artur Pawlowski is a well known advocate for the poor and the homeless in Calgary, Alberta and has testified before lawyers, judges, politicians and citizens about the greatness of the Living God. He was arrested for publicly reading from the Bible in a Calgary park in 2006, since then, has been arrested or had to turn himself in to the authorities eight times. He has faced constant harassment and persecution for several years for preaching on the streets of Calgary. Street Church Ministries has received over 150 tickets and summons relating to the work of feeding and caring for the homeless.

The ministry feeds thousands of homeless per month and has helped hundreds to get off the streets, literally changing the lives of drug dealers, prostitutes and drunkards, helping them to get back on their feet in the name of Jesus Christ and by the power of the Holy Spirit.


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