June 17, 2024

You are called to make a difference!

I was driving home from Edmonton and noticed this billboard near the highway. I had to stop and get a picture!

We can never forget the corruption that has taken place in the Alberta government and the subjective mandates that crippled our beautiful province. Lives have been destroyed and our most vulnerable were left to suffer and in many cases left to die. Pastor Artur Pawlowski saw a need and met that need in caring for the most vulnerable. It’s ridiculous that he has been fined $100,000 and is on trial for feeding the poor in downtown Calgary. This is a complete waste of taxpayers money and time.

We can’t legislate ourselves out of this mess! Government at any level is not the answer! There is a saviour and it’s not a politician, His name is Jesus! We must do everything we can to support and care for those that are less fortunate and for those that are struggling in addictions and homelessness. There are the physical needs that need to be met as well as the spiritual needs. Next time you meet someone in distress ask them their name, where they are from and get to know them. Each one has a story that needs to be told and heard. Take the time and pray for them. God loves and cares for each one.You are called for such a time as this!

You are called to make a difference! 1 Samuel‬ ‭2:8‬ ‭ says “He raises the poor from the dust and lifts the needy from the ash heap; he seats them with princes and has them inherit a throne of honor. “For the foundations of the earth are the Lord’s; on them he has set the world.”‭‭ – Shawn Hamm

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