May 20, 2024
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The Near Deafening Silence from Christendom on Bill 10

Two days ago on March 11, I went to the streets once again with a small group of faithful followers of Christ who, like me, were not content to mumble and grumble about the shifting tides and changing winds of society and of the decay of morality in Canada. We took signs and dedicated hearts to the front of the Calgary Board of Education for an Emergency Media Interview about the current state of affairs, in response to Alberta’s newly passed Bill 10 (a law that as of June 1, 2015 has the potential of dramatically altering Christian education in Alberta from then on).

1Bill 10

Before I go on, let me give a little background, for those who have not been following this development. Bill 10 is the bill which the Alberta government, foisted upon Albertans, which forces Christian schools to promote unbiblical sexual relationships in their facilities, in direct opposition to the approved charters of those schools, and spitting in the face of the covenant that students and parents must sign before a student is enrolled at them. It tramples on religious freedom (a supposedly “Guaranteed Fundamental Freedom” in Canada) in favor of coddling the feelings of and giving special rights to those the Bible refers to as the sexually immoral.

What’s even viler is that Jim Prentice, the Premier of Alberta, is supposed to be a Christian man, regularly attending Grace Presbyterian Church for years. Evidently, his time attending church did not teach him that homosexuality is unbiblical, and that the Bible teaches that the sexually immoral will not inherit the Kingdom of God, as he voted in favor of the unbiblical same sex-marriage laws. He helped pass that legislation which has caused many problems for Christian marriage commissioners and pastors that are faced with the challenge of being pressured by ungodly laws to marry two men or two women, against the teachings of the Bible. We at CCC were disappointed at the time as we were actively speaking against the new laws geared at normalizing homosexual relationships, because he showed no moral backbone then, and once again disappointed dedicated followers of Christ in Alberta by kicking the doors of Christian schools open and sending in the homosexual activists and educators to indoctrinate and normalize homosexuality there too.

Alberta Premier Jim Prentice at Calgary’s homosexual pride parade 2014


His second hand man in this matter, Gordon Dirksen, is, as I understand it, a former pastor of Centre Street Church and the former Dean of Rocky Mountain Bible College. This, evidently, did nothing to make him a warrior for the Kingdom of God. Although many Christians I was speaking to about the Bill prior to it being passed were under the impression that Mr. Dirksen would stand for our values, since he was a prominent Christian leader, and would not bow to the pressure of a wicked society to embrace the promotion of the homosexual agenda in Christian schools, he did the opposite. With great joy Gordon Dirksen presented what I like to call the Gay Schools Agenda (GSA) bill and ushered in a new era to the joy and praise of the homosexual activists, who won yet another victory against, what they think are old fashioned, backward thinking Christians, who need to be beaten down, silenced, and hopefully one day snuffed out of existence.

Gordon Dirks Minister of Education, former Rocky Mountain College president and present executive pastor of Calgary’s Centre Street Church

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Both of these men were elected by people who believed that they would stand and represent them as Christians not as men who checked their moral standards at the door when they left the building (the four walls of the church). Truly this demonstrates that the moral complacency and biblical compromise of Christians and Christian leaders is truly what is leading to the decay of our society. The light has gone out and the flavor of Christians tastes like the moral cesspool of society.

The true motives of those who forwarded the original Bill 202 (homosexual activists and social Marxists), that was the foundation for Bill 10, which ultimately passed third reading on March 10, are to force their immoral messaging into the one place that they have not been welcome to promote it before (Christian schools). The answer from Christian schools, churches, pastors, bishops, church elders and deacons, Christian university deans, Christian activists, Christian debaters, and the like…? DEAFENING SILENCE!

2Bill 10

3Bill 10

4Bill 10

Now, as for our press conference in front of the CBE, the media came, interviewed us, and since there was nothing that they found worthy to disparage, once again, as many times in the past, they did not air the interview (CBC Radio, CBC News and CTV News held the interviews). Now, if Christians would come out in great numbers, if Christians would stand together with one voice and oppose the corrupt and perverse demise of our culture, if Christians would realize that a house divided amongst itself cannot stand, but a house united in Christ, according to His Word and empowered by His Spirit, can overcome the world, oh what a different picture this would be. The media and the nation would have no choice but to stand up and take notice.

You see, this shows, that although there are followers of Christ who are willing to speak out on issues, the media today is corrupt and is only willing to show “Christians” as extremists, or to in some other way skew the impact of Christians on society. If sincere and dedicated Christians speak out on issues, with an attempt to bring the Biblical perspective to a matter, without hatred or malice, but with genuine concern for Canada and for the direction our nation is being taken, the corrupt media is not content to let that message be heard. These outlets are biased and wicked, with one agenda, to promote the agenda of social Marxism. But even that would not be enough to stop the moral tide, if those called by the name of Christ would live Godly and would stand righteously, unwilling to bend the knee to the tyranny of false peace in the name of tolerance or in the spirit of passivism, or cultural insignificance.

None the less, there were a precious few of us who were willing to stand, this time, determined to continue to make a real difference, in spite of small numbers. We did our best to represent Christ to those who we came into contact with, using this God given opportunity to be salt and light to security personnel at the building, to those who interacted with us on the sidewalk, to the media people and to everyone we came into contact with along the way.

Never underestimate the fact that Jesus said, “the Kingdom of God is within you”. If we have the right attitude, we will recognize that we are God’s ambassadors being sent out with His authority and with His mandate to take the message of the Kingdom of God and the Gospel of Peace, into the entire world, with a desire to make disciples of men for God’s Glory and His Kingdom in righteousness and truth. If one heart is touched, if one person is impacted, then God’s mandate to reach the world is being accomplished in us and through us. At the end of the day, it is not our responsibility to make people receive the message. It is our responsibility to faithfully deliver it.

5Bill 10

6Bill 10

7Bill 10

There are many who call themselves Christians today, like Jim Prentice and Gordon Dirksen, who have completely lost sight of the mission that Christ sent us to achieve and the method by which we are to operate amidst a wicked and adulterous generation. Jesus said that He would send us out as sheep amongst the wolves. He said that we are to be the light (which pierces the darkness) of the earth, and that we are to let the light of Christ shine in us and through us. He called us the salt of the earth (which is to flavor the world with His truth, that can set people free), but warned us that salt can become flavorless and will therefore be of no use and will be trampled underfoot.

So often over the years, I have heard Christians quote various scriptures over their lives and over one another, but I seldom see them apply those scriptures in any way that would cause them to be like the apostles or prophets of old. Seldom, like the true Biblical Jesus. All too often, those scriptures they quote are spoken over themselves as a means to proclaim personal prosperity, or good feelings of self, or to make them feel liked within a corrupt and adulterous generation.

I tell you brothers and sisters, that this should never be the case. Jesus was not some motivational self-help speaker. He wasn’t interested in giving you your best life now as some preachers would have you believe, today. That is a worldly and defeated view of the Christian life, which will barely help you get by, as worldly men and women. That view will make you as worthy of praise as a sidewalk block, that is daily tread and spat upon.

We are called to be victorious, to be overcomers, to be more than conquerors, in Christ Jesus, but not for some egocentric purpose. No, rather, Jesus said, “in this life you will have trouble but take courage as I have overcome the world.” Even as Christ walked in the world, so should we walk, not as placid self-seeking people, desiring only to better our own lives, but rather as those who realize that the world must be reached with the Gospel of the Kingdom.

We need to realize that where Jesus and the apostles went, they left an aroma of Christ, a flavor of the Kingdom, a mark indicating that the light of Christ had shone in that place. Do we have the same view? Do we believe that wherever we go, we are to take the influence, the message and the power of the Kingdom of God with us, with a goal to change people and the nations we are in, and go into? If we don’t we should.

8Bill 10

9Bill 10

11Bill 10

When all is said and done, at the end of our lives, if all you and I have accomplished is to have a better car, a nicer house, political or business influence, or to have been seen as nice people, to the desperate and dying world around us, we will find ourselves standing face to face with a King who will be ashamed of us, who will point His finger at us and say “GO, ye worker of iniquity, depart from Me into outer and everlasting darkness where there is weeping and gnashing of teeth.”

Jesus already told us that if we are merely trying to save our lives today, then we will forever lose our lives in eternity. If on the other hand, we are willing to lay down our lives and all of our hopes, our dreams, our relationships, our status, our wealth, the esteem of man, and every other worldly ambition, for Him, then we will gain eternal life, if we walk by the Spirit and according to His Word. I encourage you to not be compromisers willing to sell the Lord for thirty pieces of silver, but lay up for yourselves treasure in heaven worth more than silver and gold; the treasure of God’s approval of a life lived in and for the risen savior who laid everything down, who paid a high price for your deliverance from moral compromise and wickedness. Stand for Him, in the face of adversity, since he stood in the place of torment for you, and for your opportunity to receive eternal life, through repentance and service of the King of kings and the Lord of lords.

12Bill 10

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