May 20, 2024
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Street Preacher Wins Again

index.jpgThere’s an old saying – you can’t fight city hall.

Well you can and sometimes you should. Street preacher Art Pawlowski is a walking debunker of that old myth.

Once again, Pawlowski has won a resounding court victory over the city of Calgary. The question now becomes: at what point will the city give up this futile and wrong-headed battle?

This week, a judge acquitted Pawlowski of violating city bylaws and in fact found that it was the city who violated Pawlowski’s freedom of expression.

Last December, on a separate set of bylaw charges, a judge ruled that Pawlowski’s freedom of expressed and freedom of religion had been violated. That judge slammed the city’s actions as being an abuse of power.

Despite that, city lawyers recently announced they’d be appealing that decision, and it would come as no surprise if they decide to appeal this latest decision, too.

So, more city resources will likely go to the pointless harrassment of someone who has apparently done nothing to deserve it.

It would seem that the city has much bigger problems to deal with.

Regardless of the cost, however, it is disturbing to see the relentless hounding of a citizen who is trying to follow the rules in his attempt to reach out to people in need of help.
Can the city finally now wave the white flag? Let’s hope so. If not, Calgarians should stand up and ask why they are subsidizing this vendetta.


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