May 18, 2024
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Street Church pastor keeps pushing the envelope.

Street Church pastor keeps pushing the envelope.


by John Syratt


Street Church pastor, Art Pawlowski, who was arrested in late August while praying and reading his Bible on a Calgary sidewalk, had his day in court, only to find he’s got another one coming. He pleaded not guilty on September 28 to three charges and a trial hearing has been set for May 14, 2007.


"In the meantime there have been two different church ministries shut down for feeding the poor in the last month, Victory Church (NE) and Seventh Day Adventist’s," said Lawrence Irwin, one of the Street Church leaders. "The authorities have also tried to shut down a couple of our locations as well. Please pray for favor with the city for all front line ministries in Calgary, whether it be feeding the poor, or preaching the gospel, pI’ ./ erably both."


Pawlowski is now looking at linking with other church es to host a conference to educate the public about ho-mosexuality from a Christian perspective. "We would like to partner with a church in the city to allow us to use their facilities to host this conference," Pawlowski said. "We’re calling it Homosexuality and The Word and want to approach the subject from a knowl¬edge point of view: It’s not a hatred thing, we’ll preach the GospeL"


The Street Church is arranging for medical doctors and professors to speak frankly in educating the public about this issue. "It’s needed," Pawlowski observed. "Let’s educate peo¬ple about the seriousness of this issue. We are on the front lines and not afraid to be there, but we need church¬es to back us up."


"Everywhere we preach, people are responding," he continued. "Like in the Book of Acts, God is doing mighty things. Six people received Christ at the meeting in the park recently and at The Remand Centre, three inmates made decisions for the Lord. Our team has been to the penitentiary at Drumheller three times and we ‘vc seen 22 people give their lives to Christ."


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