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Street Church Launches Auto Dialer Campaign

Street Church Launches Auto Dialer Campaign
Bringing The Message To The People To Help Their Cause

– For Immediate Release –

Saturday, July 19, 2008

(Calgary) After years of misinformation, court dates, confiscated Bibles, abuse from city bureaucrats and the Calgary City Police for simply trying to feed and minister to Calgary’s homeless, Street Church is now educating the people directly on what is happening to them with an Auto-Dialer campaign.


"It is important we let people know fundamental rights are being eradicated in this city and province.  People would be shocked that we have been the victims of a raid from government officials and that our Bibles and Christian materials were confiscated during a peaceful protest at the steps of City hall.  Calgarians would be stunned to discover that a Judge banned me from hearing any kind of amplified sound within Calgary’s city limits.  This actually means I can’t use a phone, I can’t watch TV with my children, can’t listen to the radio or use a computer with the speakers turned on.  This is just part of the abuse of power that our ministry is enduring and taxpayers must be made aware" stated Art Pawlowski, Street Church’s primary preacher.



The Street Church feels the media has falsely reported on the issues surrounding their services and ministry, even though to this day, the ministry has not breached acceptable noise levels as outlined by the City of Calgary. Also, Street Church continues to, on a weekly basis receive thousands of dollars of fines relating to meeting the needs of the poor and feeding the homeless.


"Since the media is not exposing all the facts, we believe it is time for all the information to be presented directly to the public.  Our message is hard hitting but entirely factual" concluded Pawlowski.


The voice message will be broadcast to as many Calgarians as possible over the next few months.  Today over 40,000 Calgary households will have received the message from Street Church. The message can be heard on the Street Church


Website at

– 30 –

For more information contact Art Pawlowski at 403-607-4434
(Art is opposing the court order and will be available on his cell)

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