May 18, 2024
Press Coverage

Praise Celebration at Calgary’s City Hall

We welcome you to join our Christian music and praise celebration at City Hall in the Atrium. Our first two church services were very well received, we had many good comments and the response from the onlookers was very positive as well. What a great joy, especially during this time of the year to be able to tell everyone about our wonderful saviour Jesus Christ.

We invite everyone to come and enjoy the fun and celebration at noon on Tuesday, December 20 when once again, we will read from the word of God and sing Christian songs of praise and worship. See you there.

For more information, please contact Artur Pawlowski at 403-607-4434 or e-mail [email protected]

On behalf of Street Church Ministries International,

God bless you,
Artur Pawlowski

Proclaiming the gospel of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ to Calgary and to the world

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