Ric McIver, one of the candidates running for leader of the PC Party in Alberta is under fire after he attended a gathering on the weekend organized by an anti-gay group in Calgary.

McIver took part in the ‘March for Jesus’ on Sunday, an event organized by a group that claimed the flooding in southern Alberta last year was caused by God’s anger over homosexuality.

The reaction on social media came swift, calling McIver’s act in support of the group the PC Party’s own ‘Lake of Fire’.

The comment was in relation to the controversial comments made by a Wildrose candidate in the last election that many say led to the party’s loss.

McIver has responded to the comments by posting the following on his Facebook page:

Yesterday, I helped open the March for Jesus in Calgary.

In my remarks, I talked about how I have been able to celebrate the diversity of Alberta by taking part in celebrations of many religions, cultures and traditions that make up Alberta, and this was a day to celebrate my own Roman Catholic faith with other Christians.

I have attended the opening of this event for the last 4 years. For years, I have also attended events with other faith communities, including Sikhs, Muslims, Hindus, Jews and secular events with many diverse communities from around the world.

I sent a tweet about how it was good to see Alberta flags. To me, this was indication of how all Albertans can take part in celebrating their faith and culture openly in our province.

Since then, I have received many communications about negative text on the March for Jesus website.

Let me be clear about a few things:

1.      Albertans have the right to live their lives as they choose (within the bounds of the law of course.)

2.      The website in question is not my website and does not describe my views.

3.      My website is ricmciver.com

4.      As an Albertan and if chosen Premier, I do and will continue to defend equality rights for all Albertans as defined in the Charter, including sexual orientation. I deplore discrimination against all groups and individuals without exception.

5.      I shall continue to attend events celebrating the diversity of Alberta

McIver then said he hopes Albertans will be able to understand his position on the rights and freedoms of everyone in the province.