April 20, 2024
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Minister’s defiance under scrutiny

Minister’s defiance under scrutiny


CITY HALL • City officials will discuss this week their response to a street preacher who plans to defy a court order that he stop using loudspeakers to broadcast sermons.


Bylaw boss Bill Bruce said Art Pawlowski will be ticketed if he disobeys the order, issued by a Queen’s Bench justice last week. "We’re not interfering with his free speech,buthe has to respect the community and we have to bal¬ance the taxpay¬ers’ peaceful en-joyment of their property, as well," Bruce said.


Pawlowski is Art Pawlowski taking the city to court in an effort to be allowed to use loudspeakers while he preaches to the homeless near the Drop-in Centre. The city has issued him a li¬cence for Triangle Park, but won’t per¬mit the public address system after more than 100 complaints from resi¬dents, some who live across the river.


 The city allowed Pawlowski to use speakers for his weekend Easter services, but he continued to use them Monday and says he plans to use them again Friday and Sunday



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