April 20, 2024
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Letters to the editor Calgary Sun

This letter was posted in the Calgary Sun's Letter to the Editor section


So let's review the facts.  If you spit on any sidewalk within Calgary city limits, you could be fined.  If you cook with trans fats, you could be fined.  If you smoke in public places, you could be fined.  And most recent, if your name is Art Pawlowski, you cannot preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the homeless in Calgary.  It would appear that our elected officials in City Hall desperately need either a brain transplant or a good old shot of common sense.  What's next on their list? Farting in public?  Makes you wonder.  Whatever the case, it stinks!


Donald K. Munroe


Editor's Response – Sometimes the city's priorities get lost in the shuffle.


Our Comment – The editor needs to understand that this is not a matter of something being overlooked but that the city has demonstrated a willful campaign to shut down the work and ministry Street Church.



Nazis OK but do-gooders not?


I can't believe that the city would pay tens of thousands of dollars to protect a bunch of hate-mongering no-brainer swastika-bearing skin-head idiots and their stupid march of hate on Good Friday, but then turn around and try to shut down a group of people who are feeding the homeless, who happen to also preach about God.


 Now, I'm not entirely sure exactly what terrible message the Bible-thumpers are preaching, or if they are coercing people into some religious cult for a tasty morsel of food, but I'm sure it is an overall better message than the hate that the other group gets protected to spew. Does anyone else see this as being snafu?


Lyndsey Jamieson


Editor's Response – Each situation has to be dealt with on its merits.


Our Comment – Does the editor then believe that the white sepremists have more merit than the peace loving Christians helping the poor?


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