April 20, 2024
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Kenyan Archbishop to Speak to a gathering of Calgary Youth


Kenyan Archbishop to Speak to a gathering of Calgary Youth at Prince’s Island Park


map of KenyaKenya’s growing drought problem has brought attention to the small African country, and has caused concern for its 39 million residents. Compassionate Canadians have shown interest in hearing about the current conditions and the impact the current crisis is having on Kenyans.

Recently Archbishop Dr. Gerry Kibarabara, the secretary general of United Christian Churches of Kenya’s Supreme Council, hosted Calgary street preacher Artur Pawlowski in Africa. Now, Archbishop Dr. Gerry Kibarabara has come to Canada and is being hosted by Calgary’s Street Church. Street Church has also been involved in arranging speaking engagements for the Archbishop.

In view of the fact that Keyna faces these droughts and other problems, which has been heavily covered in the Canadian media, many are interested in hearing what this well known Christian political figure has to say. Archbishop Kibarabara will be speaking on this and other matters before a crowd of Calgarian youth at Prince’s Island Park at 7:00pm Wednesday July 27.

Those interested in speaking with the archbishop should attend this event as it will be a great opportunity to learn about the impact this crisis is having on people of Kenya.

Archbishop Dr. Gerry Kibarabara has been speaking at various churches in Calgary and will have further speaking engagements at other churches before heading back to Kenya on Sunday July 31.

For more information on this or other speaking engagements Archbishop Dr. Gerry Kibarabara will be speaking at, please contact Street Church at 403-607-4434 or e-mail [email protected].


Bio for Archbishop Dr. Gerry Kibarabara

archbishop_dr._gerry_kibarabara.jpgKibarabara is well known in Kenya and is often called upon by government officials there to do swearing-in ceremonies and say prayers at the beginnings of meetings. His opinion is sought after and respected by those in power. But he came from a much more humble beginning. Kibarabara said he was, literally, born in a forest after his mother went to gather firewood. She gave birth deep in the forest and was surrounded by "leopards, monkeys – all kinds of animals," as Kibarabara put it. She believed the gods of Mt. Kenya she worshipped had forsaken her and called out that if there be a mightier god, he should save her and her child. Kibarabara said it was a miracle the two made it out of the woods – and a sign that his life would one day have meaning. He would have to wait for a while, though, before he found his true calling. Kibarabara was raised from birth to be a warrior and help gain Kenya’s independence from Britain. He said he was trained to be a hardened warrior, to fight without emotion. "I was told to never cry," he said." For about 10 years, I was a very dangerous, bad man." For some reason, he was afforded the opportunity to attend school where he began to think for himself and realized there must be another life for him. A teacher at the school knew this of him and suggested he get to know Jesus Christ. He did."I applied the same principles of toughness and seriousness to my (pursuit of learning about) Christianity," he said, "I was always taught to take seriously anything I did." He is now one of the most respected religious men in Kenya. He has founded almost 200 Christian churches in Kenya, he is the founder and president of Full Gospel Businessmen’s Fellowship of Africa, he is the secretary general of United Christian Churches of Kenya’s Supreme Council, he is president of the Africa Relief Society, he has hosted a television and radio Good News program and is the senior elder/trustee of the Kenyan Peace and Reconciliation Committee. Kibarabara has preached and lectured in over 85 countries. "I believe in a wonderful God and take Jesus at his word," he said. "He has become my whole life."

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