July 20, 2024

“It looks like you got blessed by God with a trailer from hell.”

Remember a few months ago, in one of our newsletters, we showed you a mobile home that God gave to our ministry. Telling you the truth, every time that God does something extraordinary or stretches our faith, I am the first one to shake my head and seek God’s confirmation; "is that you Lord?" "I want to be sure that this is coming from you and not from the enemy." We all have try to be sure that we are truly following him and not the enemy. A mistake, even a small one, always costs a lot. In our lives, we want to make sure that we stay in the centre of His will.

Quite often, what’s required of us is faith in the face of doubt. Faith changes all. Faith will prompt us to see the big picture through the eyes of the future rather then what we see now. Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen (Hebrews 11:1). With the mobile home it was just that.When we received this gift, and the associated task to turn it into something useful, for God’s glory and His Kingdom, we all prayed that God would give us the strength, wisdom and ability to complete the work at hand. I want to share with you an e-mail that the ministry received after we sent out the newsletter, that included pictures showing the condition of the mobile home as we received it.

Here is that e-mail:

Dear Artur,

I am a General Contractor with 30 year of experience in various trades of residential construction. It looks like you got blessed by god with a trailer from hell.

I am going to help you and make a substantial commitment! (a total of 40 hr @ 75.-= $3000.- per week)

1. I will assign 1 labour, to pray 40 hours a week and ask god for better quality or even brand new trailers.

2. And for preventive measures, a journeyman carpenter, another 40 hours a week to ask god to put viewer or none at all homeless people on the street.

Please let me know when my prayers are answered, so my donation will not go in vain and my prayers can be redirected to a different cause that our mighty and caring god is neglecting.


Anything I do in my lifetime on this planet, I do because we all want this park to be a a better trailer park! I never thought about the idea of doing good deeds in the name of god, it just comes naturally. Will your god be angry with me, for me not doing the good deeds in the name of jesus?

Looking forward to our next project,

Trailer Park Boys Construction Ltd

Wim Vandersalm

Of course this man was mocking God, and us for taking this task upon ourselves, but I find, in this letter, something a lot more than just a lost man in his ignorance toward God. There is a lesson that we can all learn from his approach.

Often we, followers of God in Jesus Christ, have a tendency of walking by sight rather than by faith. We look at situations with our natural eyes and may say "this situation doesn’t make sense". We will also receive mocking and criticism and say, "Lord how can this be You if I receive this kind of opposition. If I receive a gift from You, but do not have all of the resources to accomplish the job, how is it that I can complete this task? Surely if this was You, everything would be provided in advance and I would see the favour from even Your enemies."In real life, with God, quite often it is the opposite, first He says go and then He parts the Red Sea. He says, pick the smooth stones then He gives you the head of Goliath. But between the picking of the stones and the loud thud of Goliath hitting the ground, there is the courage to stand in the very face of fear, confronting ominous opposition and even dangerous threats.To serve God and receive His victories, you need faith. Without faith, God says, you cannot please Him. He also says, when I return, will I find faith on earth?


Wim, our concerned "friend", represents the vast majority of people on earth. Not only, outside the church, but also in the church. Here is the reply that we sent to him:


Dear Wim,

Your absolutely right, that the trailer that our awesome God gave us, was rescued from the pit of hell. When God looked at it, He said, in Calgary, I have my faithful servants that can turn this hellish, good for nothing, project into an amazing blessing for many. When we are done with this, we will send you pictures.

P.S. – You see this trailer is very similar to your state. The trailer will be renovated, but when it comes to you, in your spiritual condition, now you are lost and in the pit of hell, buy my God, Jesus, will do something more with you than we can ever do with the trailer. No patches or band aides, no painting over cracked and broken walls, He will make you a new creation if you will but submit your life to Him; repent from your sins, turn away from your wickedness and to acknowledge that He is the only true and Living God and Lord of all. Believe me, when He will be done with you, you will no longer be miserable, like you are, you will receive peace that is beyond your understanding, and love that will trigger such a compassion in your heart that you will take a piece of garbage, like we did with the trailer, and for the glory of God you will turn it around, to save as many people as you can.

God bless you in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth,

So, as we promised, we are sending out the pictures, not only for Wim’s sake but for all of you, that you will know that with God everything is possible. The only question is "are you willing to take on the task?" We were willing, and when we were done with the work He had set before us, guess what? God gave us another mobile home to resurrect and we believe that this is just the beginning, with many more projects in store for all of us, in this ministry.  If you would be interested in being a part of what God will do with this next project, please feel free to call 403-607-4434.

Our Next Mobile Home Project

So now, I would like to give special thanks to everyone that contributed to this restoration project. Our amazing volunteers that dedicated countless hours to bring this place to livable condition, to Jack’s General Construction 403-614-5670 that spent entire weeks, at a time, totally renovating the interior, to Jack de Waal of Triple H Hydronics Inc that provided one of the best water heating systems in the world for the home. May God richly bless all of you for your selfless labour of love, dedication and the most important, the faith to see the vision and for helping us complete the project. Because of you, we will be able to house the needy and to minister to the brokenhearted in their time of need.

Please see the pictures of the renovated home below and marvel, with us, at what God has done through the servants who were willing to submit to His plans and purposes:

IMG_2167.JPG IMG_0163.JPG

IMG_2153.JPG IMG_0103.jpg

IMG_2150.JPG IMG_8900.JPG

IMG_2151.JPG IMG_8898.JPG





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