May 20, 2024
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Jesse Rau, Calgary Transit Driver, Says He’s Being Targeted Over Pride Bus Stance

A Calgary Transit driver, who created controversy over his refusal to drive a rainbow Pride bus, claims he’s become the target of unfounded allegations at work.

“I feel like people at Calgary Transit are now against me because I stand firmly for my Christian faith and won’t compromise my values,” said Rau in a news release on Sunday.

The annual Calgary Pride Festival kicks off this week, and a Calgary Transit bus has been wrapped in a rainbow flag as a show of support.

But Rau publicly said he would have to quit his job if he was assigned to drive the bus because it goes against his Christian beliefs.

On Monday, Rau’s pastor said that the driver was told that a complaint had been filed against him, alleging that he was texting while driving on the job.

“I am very careful not to text while driving,” Rau said, refuting the allegation. “I am aware that public transit is a blessing to many and I always want to keep the people on my bus safe and secure.

“It seems like I am being targeted for speaking out for my faith.”

Rau’s pastor, Artur Pawlowski, also alleged that Calgary Transit had been monitoring Rau’s personal Facebook page. He said the bus driver has stopped using the social platform altogether because he’s afraid of losing his job.

Rau is still under probation with Calgary Transit as he’s only been working for the company for less than a year, said CTV News.

Calgary Transit is not commenting on the case, calling it a “non issue,” reported CBC News.

City manager Jeff Fielding said he expects Rau to follow Calgary Transit’s code of conduct.

“As an employee, I expect that he reads those and follows them. We do have things there on who speaks for the media and who speaks for the city,” Fielding told CTV.;ir=Canada

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