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Former City Transit Bus Driver Jesse Rau Challenges Liepert For Signal Hill

Media Release Friday September 25th, 2015

Former City Transit Bus Driver Jesse Rau Challenges Liepert For Signal Hill

Jesse Rau, (30) formerly a transit driver for the City of Calgary has registered as a Candidate for the Christian Heritage Party in the federal electoral district of Calgary Signal Hill. Jesse desires to represent all those in all sectors of society who are bullied by political correctness to do things which violate their consciences and their commitment to Christian Biblical values.

This is especially relevant to the upcoming policy to be developed in the area of prohibitions on assisted suicide and euthanasia.

The Christian Heritage Party encouraged Jesse to stand in the gap for the many others in Calgary, and in Canada whose freedom to practice their Christian convictions are being increasingly restricted by radical, overbearing sexual and secular pressure groups.

” I have been asked to run in this upcoming election because I’ve recently won over the trust of many people who are searching for someone who will truly stand up for the fundamental freedoms of Canadians. Our freedoms, especially freedoms of conscience and belief, are quickly being eroded by dishonest men with selfish ambition. A healthy country cannot have its citizens silenced on important issues for fear of loosing their jobs or worse. We need men of character who are willing to truly sacrifice in their efforts to rescue this country.” stated Rau.

There are many others like Jesse who suffer oppression, loss of employment, and persecution for their heartfelt and godly convictions, based upon the teaching of the Bible, and the character of their Lord Jesus Christ. And Jesse is there in Calgary Signal Hill to speak for them in the workplace and the schools. And for the defenceless unborn who have no voice of their own.

It is expected in this election that Conservative Candidate Ron Liepert will draw much of the Liberal support from those who were opposed to the social conservative values of MP Rob Anders. Jesse Rau wishes to represent those voters of Calgary Signal Hill who hold these values dear, and will feel bereft otherwise, of a worthy representative to carry the torch. These Judeo-Christian values are the very fabric of what makes Canada a great nation to live in.

We are raising awareness and are calling a press conference tomorrow (Friday Sept. 25) which will be held outside at 1740 – 25a Street SW at 2:30 PM. For more information please call 403-607-4434 or e-mail [email protected].

The platform and polices of the Christian Heritage Party can be found at

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