June 25, 2024
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City’s fight against minister adjourned

City’s fight against minister adjourned


BYLAWS• The City of Calgary will have wait two weeks to deal with its latest battle against a controversial street minister.


Art Pawlowski of Street Church Ministries has been charged dozens of times for breaching municipal bylaws. On Monday, the city tried to get an injunction forcing Pawlowski to follow the rules. But the matter Art Pawlowski was adjourned until April!7 because there are several legal issues to work out before it can go ahead.


 Pawlowski has been battling the city over his prayer sessions in Triangle Park, near the Calgary Drop-In Centre. The city had issued a permit for him to preach in the park, but has prevented him from using a loud speaker after numerous noise complaints from Calgarians. After he refused to comply with the restriction, the city revoked his permit.


Since then, Pawlowski has been given dozens of tickets by the city for breaching several municipal bylaws.



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