May 18, 2024
Press Coverage

Decision On Street Preacher Delayed


Metro Calgary


A local street preacher will have to wait yet another two weeks to learn the fate of an injunction levied against him by the city.


Yesterday the judge presiding over the case said she would need two more weeks to reach her decision in the controversial matter between the City of Calgary and street preacher Artur Pawlowsk.


“But it seems like she already made up her mind, and she didn’t like us before and she doesn’t like us now,” Pawlowski told Metro following the hearing. It’s just the latest battle between Street Church Ministries and the city.


Pawlowski has been feeding the homeless and holding prayer sessions and the city has revoked his permits.


“It’s unfortunate, it really is. The city continues to drag its feet because they don’t want this issue to go to court, they just want to have an injunction against us to stop us,” he added.

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