May 22, 2024
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Court hears preacher’s ‘miracle’

Court hears preacher’s ‘miracle’


It took a miracle to get Calgary preacher Artur Pawlowski to do God’s work, he told a city courtroom yesterday.


Pawlowski, who is on trial for breaches of Calgary’s bylaws and the provincial Traffic Safety Act, testified he was a "selfish buffoon" when his son Nathaniel was born nine years ago.

But with his newborn near death with non-functioning lungs, Pawlowski prayed for a miracle.


"At that time, I pleaded with God, I said ‘God, if You save my son … I will do whatever You need me to do, I will serve You for the rest of my life,’ " Pawlowski told defence lawyer Rebecca Snukal.


Pawlowski said five days later he went to the hospital and was told Nathaniel — whom doctors had suggested be taken off life support — had made a miraculous recovery. "They said ‘we cannot explain what happened, I guess your prayers were answered,’ " Pawlowski said.


Since then he’s gone on to form Street Church Ministries, preaching God’s word to homeless people in Calgary’s inner city.


And he said, the best way to get that word out is to amplify his message.


Snukal and co-counsel Michael Bates will argue Pawlowski’s Charter rights, including his freedom of religion, are being breached by bylaws and regulations which prevent him from reaching a wide audience.


Pawlowski noted Jesus Christ would climb mountains so His voice would carry to a larger audience.


Pawlowski will be cross-examined by Crown lawyers this morning.

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