April 20, 2024
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Council to discuss preacher who led parade disruption


There’s a thorn in Calgary’s side that neither bylaw nor police officers can seem to remove. Street preacher Artur Pawlowski, known for breaking various city bylaws during open-air sermons and making a large fuss when he is asked to stop, took his actions one step further during the Stampede parade last Friday.

Pawlowski and his “Jerks for Jesus,” as the Calgary Sun calls them, took it upon themselves to lead the parade, dressed in medieval garb and shouting slogans about repentence.

They were allowed to walk the entire parade route, as no law enforcement or cowboys stepped in to drag them off in front of the 400,000 people watching the parade. City council will discuss the issue in-camera on Monday.


Now that you’ve read from Calgarys propaganda, here’s what really happened. Click on the picture below for complete information.

IMG 2985

By-law to stop Street Church

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