June 17, 2024
Press Coverage

Cops find knives in river

Police investigate discovery near double-murder scene


Police recovered two knives from the Bow River yesterday, close to the scene of a stabbing that left two homeless men dead on the weekend in an incident described as a drug deal gone bad.

Christian Blondeau, 35, died of a single stab wound while 57-year-old Alfons Daniel Kunz died of multiple stab wounds after a fight allegedly broke out Friday night near the 5 Ave. flyover – an area notorious for drug deals and prostitution.

Homicide Staff Sgt. Barry Cochran said police are awaiting confirmation to see ifthe two knives, one of which was retrieved off a patch of ice, the other from the waters of the Bow, were the weapons used in the fatal attack.

"We won’t be able to deter-mine if those knives recovered are the weapons involved until we confirm if they have any forensic evidence," he said.

Cochran said both of the murdered men were known to police, although cops are still trying to determine if the altercation was drug-related.

"We have lots of information that involves illegal activity, but we need more information from individuals that were present;’ he said.

"What we are desperately seeking is what occurred prior to the altercation that took place". Police have interviewed 18 people, but have yet to identify a suspect.



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