June 17, 2024
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City reaches compromise with amplifying preacher

City reaches compromise with amplifying preacher


Weeks after their court battle spilled out into a downtown park, a street preacher and the city have reached a short-term compromise that will allow Art Pawlowski to con¬tinue ministering to his inner-city flock without using amplified sound. The city has issued Pawlowski a permit allowing him to set up in a green space about 100 metres to the east of Triangle Park, as long as he doesn’t use loudspeakers. The permit extends through the next five weekends, said Michael Kenny, manager of parks operations central. After that, both parties will revisit and evaluate the situation. "We’re hoping it’s going to be win¬win in that he can still reach the folks trying to reach without upsetting a lot of people in the neighbouihood by using amplification."


Pawlowski had his permit to p:each in Triangle Park, across from the Cal¬gary Drop-In Centre, revoked afur he refused to comply with a court crder banning him from using ampliica¬tion in delivering his message. Pawlowski said he plans to givethe new location a chance, though ie’s not pleased with the situation. "They are shovelling us under he carpet on the other side of the bridge, where no one will be able to hear IS. But we’re going to try and work it out, to show we are trying it out."


 The Street Church Ministries preacher received two bylaw tickes for using an amplifier and operatug in a park without a permit.



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