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City biased against Christians, says street preacher

Alberta Human Rights Commission accepts complaint

Published September 16, 2010 by Trevor Scott Howell in News

Calgary street preacher Artur Pawlowski has long sought justice over what he says is city hall’s “discrimination against Christians.”

Now his prayers have been answered. Alberta’s Human Rights Commission recently accepted a complaint lodged by Pawlowski’s Street Church Ministries. He describes the commission, which turned down four previous complaints, as “an arm of the government strictly designated to attack Judeo-Christian values.”

“They were playing games with us for a few years,” he says. “They would not accept any complaint from a Christian organization at all.” The latest complaint centres on city bureaucrats’ and the mayor’s refusal to grant the church a flag-raising ceremony last November, says Pawlowski.

The church’s request to declare December “Jesus Month” was also shot down. Pawlowski says the requests were denied because the city “does not issue proclamations for religious or spiritual leaders” or raise flags “in honour of a specific religion.” But this isn’t always the case.

The city has previously recognized other religious and community groups, by declaring Sikh Awareness Week and Pride Month — clear evidence of “bigotry and abuse” against Christians, says Pawlowski. “I want to show the whole world that this city council is biased and discriminatory against Christians,” he says.

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