May 28, 2024
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City aims to silence downtown preacher

The sermons may stop – but not without a fight, according to a downtown street preacher Who said he’ll flout a city bylaw Friday.

Art Pawlowski’s Friday ser-mons – delivered with the aid of loudspeakers – to homeless people near the Calgary Drop-In Centre has to stop, said Bill Bruce, the city’s manager of animal and bylaw services.

"What he’s trying to do is force a situation where we are going to martyr him," he said.

The city has been flooded with complaints about the ser¬mons. An injunction that would have allowed Pawlowski to continue with his outdoor ser¬vices was denied a few weeks ago.

Pawlowski has said he will continue to preach, regardless of city rules.

– Kristen Enevold, 24 hours


Calgary Sun

April 27, 2007


STREET PREACHER: The city has given a Calgary local his license back to speak his mind on the street.


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