July 20, 2024
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Artur Pawłowski invited to the Presidential Palace

Artur Pawłowski, David Hughes, Jacek Mrożek and Jerzy Przeradowski were invited to the Polish Presidential Palace for a special meeting between them and the Undersecretary of State in the Office of the President of Poland, Mr. Maciej Klimczak.

Pawlowski had the opportunity to present to Minister Klimczak a bear rug gift (Baribal) from the Canadian Polish Immigrants, to be given to the President of Poland, Mr. Bronisław Komorowski. In a letter addressed to the President, the guests brought a prophetic message with a challenge for him to stand for faith, law and righteousness. It reminded Mr. Komorowski that everyone is accountable for his actions, and that one day everyone will stand before the King of Kings, our Lord Jesus Christ. The letter also reminded him that God requires leaders to do what is right and just in the eyes of God.

In return, Pawlowski was presented with a book that included a special dedication from the President. The book, about Polish immigrants living in Ontario, was actually written by his father, Zygmunt Komorowski.

The meeting took place inside the Presidential Palace. The atmosphere was very friendly. The guests, including Pawlowski were shown great gratitude for organizing the March for Jesus in Poland. Minister Klimczak said that President Komorowski specifically noted how positive and unifying the event had become. The minister was also very intrigued by this new phenomenon, called Street Church, that is growing in Poland. He was inquiring with sincere interest, specifics on how the ministry operates and what makes it so successful.

The meeting ended about an hour later with a mutual hope for a partnership that will work together in the future.


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