May 24, 2024
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A sad note to end 2011 with!

Well! appears that I am going Dixie yet again! I am ashamed that I live in a city with a muslim mayor!

Thats right! Mayor Nenshi aka a muslim has been proven to be racist and at christmas time in our fair city!

Our city, our Calgary…originally filled with Christian, Catholics and the like, who kindly let in other nationalities are now facing racism by our own mayor…the very man the majority of the public voted in!

While i was raised catholic, have since chosen to be christian, have never been racist before. Ironically though I have been accused of being racist while reprimanding a nationality not of the the canadian nationality, and only because I have treated this person as I would have any other person, and that person was told so.

Mayor Nenshi…you have your nerve. Really?! Having christians removed from city hall because they were having a christian christmas service? What were you thinking Mayor Nenshi?? I knew from the moment I first saw you on tv and you closed your eyes while talking to the public that you were not be trusted, and I was obviously right.

It was appalling in November when I found out that certain businesses forbid poppy wearing, but this is much worse! You will never have my respect Mayor Nenshi. It is a privilege for you to be in our country, in our province and yes in our city…How dare you be prejudiced against Christians!!!!!!! I hope those christians who reads my article never again support anything you do. You appall me! You disgust me! I am embarrassed to admit that you are the mayor of this beautiful city in which we live in! You give us reason to be prejudiced! I didnt vote for you because I didnt trust you, and I am glad I didnt but I am terribly sad that you got voted in, and I feel sorry for all christians, catholics and the like who voted for you and who support you. It’s like leading a lamb to slaughter with you as our mayor!!!!!

Merry Christmas Mayor Nenshi, God Bless you Mayor Nenshi, God speed Mayor Nenshi and on and on and on.

raidersnight is based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and is an Anchor for Allvoices.

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