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Mass Brawl Breaks Out in Canada Between Christian Group, LGBT ‘Anti-Fascists’

By Stoyan Zaimov , Christian Post Reporter Jul 19, 2017 | 11:00 AM

A video has emerged of a mass brawl in front of Calgary’s City Hall in Canada where Christian demonstrators clashed with an LGBT “Anti-Fascist Action” group.

CBC News reported that the “Street Church” Christian group was hosting a gathering in support of pro-life and pro-marriage activist Bill Whatcott, who is facing a $104 million lawsuit for preaching the Gospel at Toronto’s gay pride event.

The Christians gathered were confronted by the so-called anti-fascist group who reportedly began screaming in their faces. After the Christians yelled back “Jesus loves you and wants to save your soul,” a brawl broke out, which can be seen in a video released by CBC on Monday.

Several people suffered minor injures, though none severely enough to be hospitalized.

Detective Keith Silvester said, “Investigators will be looking into it, going over video … and if we deem that arrests are necessary, people will be arrested and charged.”

Silvester also said that the Street Church group had a permit to host their event, and noted that police were not expecting the protesters to show up.

CBC reported that the LGBT Anti-Fascist group in Calgary has clashed with several other groups in the past, such as the Worldwide Coalition Against Islam in early June.

Street Church explains on its website that it’s a “multi-denominational, multi-ethnical ministry of believers,” and says that its vision is to “give everyone an opportunity to respond to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.”

The group says that a few times throughout the years it holds festivals for the poor, the homeless and for less fortunate families, and preaches the Gospel at City Hall four times a week.

Self-proclaimed anti-fascist groups have also been involved in several clashes in the United States, often targeting conservative events at college and university campuses.

Conservative radio talk show host Ben Shapiro showed clips back in April of violent clashes at the University of California at Berkeley involving ANTIFA members and supporters of President Donald Trump.

Shapiro criticized police for not getting involved in the clashes, which left one person stabbed and several others injured.

Lauren Southern, a Canadian conservative and libertarian activist, said at the time that authorities told Trump supporters not to bring any weapons to defend themselves at the rally, but police stood down as soon as the ANTIFA members arrived and attacked the conservatives.

Southern argued that the anti-fascists were “lacking any morals,” and said that they were covering their faces with masks, hurling “bricks and rocks into the crowd,” in a “literal attempt at murder.”

Watch the CBC News video of the Calgary clashes below:

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