April 20, 2024

Friends, brothers, and sisters. We are moving forward with the March for Jesus and Street Church in Chicago!

I would like to welcome you to participate in this amazing endeavor. We ask for your support and for your prayers. The devil was fighting with great passion against this opportunity to lift the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ on the streets of this dangerous and evil city. God showed us His grace. We have found people that are not ashamed of God and want to obey the commandment of Jesus Christ to go out, to the people and snatch as many of them as possible from the mouth of the enemy. God is good!

On the sixth of May, we will march through the streets of Chicago with the name of Jesus Christ and with the clean, pure Gospel of Truth. We will declare that only in Jesus Christ there is peace, salvation and eternal life!

During my stay in Chicago, we will also start Street Church. Please be there with us. If you can not be there in flesh at least join us in spirit, with your heart, and with your contributions. I am very excited about the fact that Polish immigrants are willing to go and reach people that are downtrodden, homeless and rejected. Just the thought that my countryman living in the foreign country do not want to only live for themselves, but rather are looking into this opportunity to help and share with others what God has given to them makes my heart rejoice.

Please share with others about this opportunity to sow into the Kingdom of God in such a tangible and practical way. Every person counts. Everyone that is able to contribute and bless this task and pray for the ones that took this beautiful mission from God is extremely appreciated. One can do a thousand, but two ten thousand! Let them hear in Chicago that God is alive, that He is the only one that gives Hope! Stand with us and become part in what God is doing in this American lost city.

For more information please contact me directly at [email protected] or call me at 403-607-4434

Bless you, in the name of Jesus Christ!

Artur Pawlowski

PS. I will be in Chicago from 29 of April to 9 of May.


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